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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme

Multi-gym SKU: 3841

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme 4.8 5 32
  • Revolutionary TNT resistance technology.
  • Smooth and silent motion.
  • Up to 125 kg traction weight.
  • Premium, ergonomic back cushion.
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  • Weight resistance125 kg
  • Build up size134 x 168 x 208 cm
  • Cable pullNo
  • FeaturesTNT technology

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme

FINNLO’s BIO FORCE EXTREME revolutionizes strength-training! Instead of conventional weight stacks, BIO FORCE EXTREME uses special TNT resistance technology (Total Nitro-cell Technology). These Nitrogen-filled cylinders generate smooth and even resistance without making noise.

Adjusting resistance on the FINNLO BIO FORCE EXTREME is a breeze. With the manually operated disc-locking mechanism you can adjust resistance up to 125 kg in steps of 2.5 kg without having to get up from the multi-gym. Since resistance can be adjusted separately for each side (up to 60 kg), it's perfect for helping you build symmetrical muscles if you're stronger on one side.

The multi-gym is completed with a comfort designed seat which can be adjusted vertically for the perfect fit. Effortlessly remove the seat from the gym for advanced exercises.

With its ingenious cable pull system and numerous adjustable pulling positions, the BIO FORCE EXTREME multi-gym lets you do over 100 different exercises to effectively train your arms, shoulders, chest and back. Using detailed descriptions and photos; the manual guide included shows you step-by-step tutorials on each exercise.

Challenge yourself with the BIO FORCE EXTREME when upgrading the optional BIO FORCE ACCESSORY SET to your package. An additional handle set, leg straps and a triceps rope add even more variety and ensure professional-grade strength training.

No weights and no noise! BIO FORCE EXTREME is the perfect multi-gym for home use that simply does more than the competition - a true multi-talent! The BIO FORCE EXTREME weighs only 78 kg and can be easily moved on its transport rollers.

Available accessories:

1) BIO FORCE Power Bench:

  • Perfect accessory for professional-grade bench presses, incline presses, “flying” rows, shoulder presses, lat pull downs
  • 5 backrest settings
  • Seat position automatically adjusts with the backrest
  • Seat angle can be set between 0 and 80 degrees
  • Clamping mechanism makes Power Bench easy to connect
  • Bio Force comfort cushion
  • Quality steel tubing that can handle lifters weighing up to 135 kg
  • Equipment weight: 24.3 kg (gross), 20.9 kg (net)
  • Footprint: 114/120 cm x 49 cm x 106 cm

2) BIO FORCE Accessory Set:

The Bio Force Accessory Set is the perfect addition to the Bio Force multi-gym. Three different handles let you try out more exercises on the Bio Force for an even more dynamic strength training. It includes a professional-grade triceps rope along with open-ended single handles and comfortable nylon straps for various cable-pulling exercises. This equipment is ideal for strengthening core stability and functional exercises. The Bio Force Accessory Set can be stored in a plastic bin that integrates perfectly into the Bio Force frame and keeps everything in place.

Advantages of the accessory set:

  • Greater variety of exercises
  • Attaching storage bin included
  • 2x single handles, 2x ankle straps and 1 triceps rope

We recommend the following accessories:

3841 Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme – the original!

The Men's Health test winner – now with even more resistance up to 125 kg. Gym quality and sport-specific exercise options for fitness training and professional weight lifting. Already thousands of enthusiastic users.
Finnlo Bio Force Extreme

You can get professional muscle training for your entire body with the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme multi gym. The patented resistance system offers exceptionally even and smooth motion. Every muscle group is targeted perfectly with at least one, and usually multiple exercises. FINNLO Bio Force Extreme enables both fast muscle growth as well as definition at gym level. You can carry out your daily training 24/7 regardless of gym opening times. FINNLO Bio Force guarantees more than the average number of professional exercises with the free weight motions with a compact footprint. No weight discs, no noise – perfect for every flat.

Finnlo Bio Force Extreme

Depending on your training goals, you can build muscles, improve posture or train important muscle groups for your sport with the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme multi gym. By varying the exercise intensity and reps, you can improve various types of strength: Maximum strength, speed, reactive strength and endurance. After just 4 weeks, you'll notice significant gains in your strength and muscle definition. The numerous freeweight exercises on the Bio Force Extreme allow for isolated training and faster muscle growth.

Finnlo Bio Force Extreme Finnlo Bio Force Extreme The FINNLO Bio Force Extreme Multi Gym – innovative and effective training Revolutionary TNT resistance technology

With TNT resistance technology, the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme is the world's first home fitness device without conventional weight blocks. The TNT system consists of cylinders filled with nitrogen, which generates especially effective and even resistance over the entire exercise movement. Test it for yourself! Training is completely silent, making it ideal for rented flats. The FINNLO Bio Force Extreme has a decisive safety benefits in households with children, as there are no weight blocks to fall on one another.
The one-hand adjustment is another benefit when compared with conventional multi-gyms on the market. With a few seconds you can adjust the resistance and intensity of your exercise without standing up. The system is especially well suited for super sets (quickly changing the resistance during the exercise set for higher muscle stimulation). The resistance can be adjusted precisely in 2.25 kg increments up to 125 kg. The bilateral resistance control on the Bio Force Extreme can also be used for compensation and balance training for the weaker side of the body. This property is usually found only in professional gyms.

Finnlo Bio Force Extreme Unbelievable exercise variety and variation options

The Bio Force cable system offers especially flexible training options. You can put together your own training programme from over 100 different exercises. You can also switch into another motion easily during an exercise set. The FINNLO Bio Force Extreme includes a detailed manual that describes and illustrates start and end positions and an overview for women and men for optimal exercising. Perfectly stored in a premium nylon folder.

The ergonomic, comfortable seat on the Bio Force Extreme can be removed in a few easy steps. This allows for exercises like abductor and adductor training, standing curl exercises, cross cable exercises and many other professional exercises. The seat can naturally be adjusted vertically to fit your individual height and body.

Finnlo Bio Force Extreme Finnlo Bio Force Extreme Supplemental accessories for even more exercise options

The Bio Force Extreme can be supplemented with various accessories.
FINNLO Bio Force Accessory Set (Art.-no. 3811):

  • High-quality, integrated plastic rack
  • Power triceps cable
  • Swivelling metal grip for arm and chest exercises
  • Comfortable foot straps for adductor and abductor training

The plastic rack can be perfectly integrated into the multi gym and makes a practical place to store accessories. This way, everything remains handy during your training.

FINNLO Bio Force Power Bench (Product no. 3817)
For professional bench presses, incline bench presses, rowing, shoulder presses, latissimus pulls, etc.

  • 5-way adjustable backrest
  • One-hand motion to adjust the seat and backrest
  • Extra-strong comfort cushion with ergonomic design for effective chest exercises
  • Sturdy round pipe construction
Modern Hi-Tech Design

The FINNLO Bio Force Extreme is painted in a sleek and sporty black-anthracite. The premium, symmetrical design integrates perfectly into any modern décor. The Bio Force Extreme is a multi gym that doesn't have to be stowed away in the basement. Place it in your living area to remind you daily of your fitness training, and you can even sneak in a few sets during the day. Thanks to the sturdy transport rollers and a low product weight of only 76 kg, the multi gym can be moved around without problem.

Facts & Overview

Now you can finally train on a professional level at home with the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme and quickly and effectively get your body into top shape. Thousands of users love the unique qualities and features on the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme multi gym:

  • The innovative TNT resistance system (total nitrocell technology) replaces conventional weight blocks.
  • The TNT resistance system provides exceptionally smooth and completely silent resistance.
  • The handy sliding fastening mechanism allows you to adjust the resistance within seconds – all without having to stand up. Turn, adjust, continue training – so convenient and easy!
  • Perfect for super sets with rapid resistance adjustments
  • The flexible cable system offers over 100 different exercises. You can change from one exercise to another seamlessly and comfortably.

The Bio Force Extreme can be supplemented ideally with optional accessories:
You can supplement your exercise options and complement the multi gym with the Bio Force Power Bench (item no. 3817) and the accessory set (item no. 3811).

Product details for the FINNLO Bio Force Extreme:
  • Patented TNT resistance system adjustable via sliding mechanism in 2.25-kg increments. No weights, no noise, exceptionally smooth and even resistance
  • Free motion for perfect training ergonomy, sport-specific training and especially fast training results
  • Over 100 exercise options with free motion
  • Exercise variations like the butterfly, bench press, latissimus pulls, leg curls, arm curls, rows, tricep presses/pulls, leg presses, leg extensions, ab training, bilateral training, neck presses, etc.
  • One-hand fast adjustment without standing up – ideally suited for super sets
  • 4 cable points per side for targeted muscle isolation and various shoulder widths
  • Ergonomic, vertically-adjustable comfort seat can also be removed for standing exercises
  • Low product weight of 76 kg and transport rollers make it easy to move
  • Detailed exercise manual and training poster in a premium nylon folder
  • Expandable with the Bio Force power bench (product no. 3817) and accessory set (product no. 3811).

  • Colour: black/anthracite
  • Maximum body weight: 135 kg
  • Dimensions: 138 x 170 x 208cm
  • Space required: 168 x 170 x 208cm

Additional Information

Features / Additional Equipment Revolutionary TNT-resistance technology (Total Nitrocell Technology) for smooth and noiseless training without the usual weight block
Easy resistance adjustment due to the push-lock-mechanism without getting off the machine
Bilateral different weight adjustments: 125kg (2 x 62.5kg) enable compensation of muscle weaknesses
Total weight of the Multi-gym only 78 kg
Transportation rollers for easy movement of the machine
More than 100 different training possibilities
Incl. manual with exercises and pictures
Vertically adjustable and removable seat
High quality ergonomically back rest cushion
Includes a Finnlo AB Strap AB Training Cable (3818)
Weight block No weight block because of the innovative TNT resistance system
Max. resistance 125 kg (adjustable in 2.25 kg increments)
Upgradable with additional weights No
Multiple adjustable back rest No
Seat adjustable yes
Bench press Yes
Butterfly Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Rowing Yes
Reversed leg raises Yes
Leg curl Yes
Abdominal Yes
Back pull Yes
Neck press Yes
Lat pull Yes
Sidewise tensile Yes
Leg press No
Training possibilities More than 100 training possibilities!, butterfly, bench press, Lat pull, leg curl, arm curl, rowing, triceps press/-pull, reversed leg raises, abdominal training, bilateral training, …
Integrated transportation rollers Yes
Max. body weight 135 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 135 x 170 x 208 cm
Delivery time 1-3 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)
Warranty extension for FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme


The manufacturer's warranty for FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme

Usage Warranty Warranty on main frame
Private use48 months-


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  • Your order will be delivered immediately after we received your payment
  • The delivery takes 1-3 workdays
  • Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)
  • Delivery directly from the manufacturer
  • Return for free

Complaints & Service

The return is free! In case of a return, we ask you to contact us previously by mail or phone so we can arrange the pick up for you.

In case you have any trouble with our equipement feel free to contact us. We will take care of it immediately.

  • More than 100 training possibilities!
  • butterfly
  • bench press
  • Lat pull
  • leg curl
  • arm curl
  • rowing
  • triceps press/-pull
  • reversed leg raises
  • abdominal training
  • bilateral training

Customer reviews for this product

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme Customer reviews: 32 Average rating: 4.8 of 5.0 stars

How do you rate this product? *

  1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

Just bought the bio force extreme about three weeks ago ,fantastic piece of kit ,I have warn discs and I bought for that reason i can feel a slight difference already and that's early days yet !! I'm following the 8 week plan and with not having weights to change makes the bio force easy for training with !

von Coy boy am 16/03/2017
I'm very happy up to now

Anybody wanting to work out at home should definitely buy a Bio Force. It makes working out fun. One can even build up muscles during the night, because it doesn't make a sound. I also found the 8-week plan it came with very helpful. The machine is expensive, but in the end it was worth the price.

von Pislick am 12/11/2014
Very happy up to now

Advice very good
Delivery very fast
Assembly instructions very good, uncomplicated assembly
Good training manual, variety of exercises

von Elli am 09/11/2014
show all
Just great

Pain in the back, cervical vertebrae and neck finally forced us to do something about it.

After a visit to the Factory Store in Neu-Ulm, where we received first-class advice and were able to test some machines, we decided to purchase the Bio Force Extreme.

I was able to take it straight home with me.
It took me and my 12-year-old daughter 3 hours to assemble it.
The instruction manual is first class; every step is described in great detail.
The individual parts are carefully wrapped and one can easily see the level of quality.

After studying the exercise manual for a short while you can start working out immediately.
You very quickly get the hang of how to adjust the rolls for the various exercises. This is done with just a few adjustments, and my children have also learnt how to do this without any problems in the meantime.

Adjusting the weight settings is super easy, and working out is practically soundless thanks to the pneumatic springs that act as resistance.

It's hard to believe, but my wife can already see the first results after just two weeks of training. The pain in the arm, which is caused by a prolapsed disk in the cervical spine, has already subsided noticeably.

Our children also have a lot of fun with the Bio Force and use it for short 15-minute workouts nearly on a daily basis.

We can really recommend the Bio Force.

von Martin A. am 14/09/2014
I am more than 100 percent satisfied!

The retailer simply offers perfect service, be it the order management, proper packaging or the product itself. There is absolutely nothing to complain about in this regard! Bioforce from Finnlo is simply unequalled! Thank you!

von R. W. am 20/05/2014
Very good home trainer for advanced athletes

About me: I am 47 years old and have been going to the gym for a good 25 years. I know my body very well and know how to correctly perform exercises on fitness machines. I did not buy this machine to supplement my gym workout, but rather to replace it altogether.

Delivery: Within one week, no problems.

Packaging and assembly: The packaging was very good. Nothing was rattling inside the box. The assembly instructions are clear and precise. It took me 3 hours in total. The quality of the material and workmanship are altogether good.

Workout: Here I can say that I found exactly the right machine for my needs and can draw a first conclusion after 5 weeks of training. All exercises are illustrated. One can also use the training DVD provided (in English) to have a closer look at the exercises. I'm familiar with most of the exercises (or variations thereof) from my time at the gym, so that I am able to carry out the exercises properly on the Bio Force. The arm and back exercises in particular are very good. The leg exercises are a little more complicated, but also alright. Now I have some criticisms: Beginners are a little overwhelmed by the Bio Force, because most of the exercises are not mechanically guided (like at the gym), but rather performed using the traction ropes. I therefore advise any beginner to take a very closer look at the videos, or to start using the machine with an experienced athlete/trainer if possible.
My personal conclusion: I would buy the machine again and recommend it to advanced athletes.

von HR2206 am 23/03/2014
Simply perfect

Top-notch quality and really easy to assemble. Many training options with loads of variety.
The entire family now uses the machine, even though I originally bought it for myself.
I can definitely recommend it, especially if persons with varying weight requirements use it to work out. Adjusting the individual weight is as easy as pie and is quickly done. This means one can also work out together.
I would buy it again.

von Maik am 27/02/2014
There's nothing better out there.

This equipment is simply great.
A whole gym in just one machine. Uncomplicated assembly, top quality with nearly unlimited uses. After being a gym member for many years I was sceptical at first, but totally convinced by now.
A very clear buying recommendation for anybody who doesn't have enough time to go to the gym, has little space available for multiple exercising devices, but still wants to get in shape.  
The service offered by Hammer is very good... nothing to criticise.

von L2404 am 08/02/2014
Perfect exercise bike!

The assembly was super easy and done relatively quickly (2 hrs with small breaks). The instructions for the assembly are very detailed. The instructions are shown clearly and demonstrated on the DVD provided.
The bike was delivered within the time stated. The service responded to questions promptly.
One can really exercise everything on the machine. The manual also includes 110 illustrated exercises to train all muscle groups. Changing the weights and adjusting for the individual exercises is a matter of seconds.
All in all, this machine is more than recommendable!

von T.S. am 17/01/2014
Ingenious piece of equipment! Quick delivery and assembly, superior service!!!

The equipment was delivered within just a few days. Thanks to the German instructions, two of us were able to assemble it quickly. We needed only two and a half hours.
I’ve already done the first training units and have to say that the gym has won me over!!!
You can do all sorts of exercises for each of your muscle groups without spending a lot of time setting up. It’s a true alternative to a gym.
By the way, their service is great. One of the pulleys was missing a bushing. I sent it back and received a new pulley within 48 hours. Love it!

von Angemaus am 18/12/2013
This multi-gym is a must-have for anyone who wants to work out at home!

The multi-gym was delivered within a week. Everything was well packed! Great assembly instructions! Folder packed full of comprehensive information (assembly instructions/detailed workout guide). You have (almost) unlimited workout options. You can train in your apartment without making a racket! Changing between exercises is simple.
This multi-gym is a must-have for anyone who wants to work out at home!
My only wish: As a short person, I wish the seat offered one more height level and the backrest could be adjusted a little more.

von G. G. am 12/11/2013
Great piece of equipment

I purchased the Finnlo Bio Force multi-gym two months ago.
It was shipped without any problems. Packing and assembly were simply ingenious. Many furniture manufacturers could learn a thing or two. All parts were packed in such a way that they could be located immediately. The assembly instructions were also great.
I’ve been using the gym for the last two months (roughly 1.5 hours every other day), and am very impressed with the quality and user-friendliness.
I would recommend it to anyone thinking about buying a home gym.

von Mad am 29/10/2013
Excellent product and service!

The multi-gym was delivered by a shipping company. If you open the two boxes, you can even carry the multi-gym part-by-part up a spiral staircase. The assembly took 2 to 3 hours. While I think this is ideally a two-person job, one person could do it without any problems.
The highly responsive customer service immediately replaced a box nut with a broken cap and missing protective covers without any fuss.
The training possibilities are already more than sufficient. With a little handiwork, you can even add accessories such as an EZ-bar for even more exercises.
Changing resistance or switching between exercises takes just a few seconds.
It has already been said many times that the multi-gym looks great and is virtually noiseless.
Nonetheless there are a few details that could be improved. For example, I replaced the four karabiners with climbing karabiners (400 kg karabiner). Despite this, I’d still give it a perfect 10 and would absolutely recommend it.

von Fittness-Neuling am 21/10/2013
Totally awesome

There’s only one word that does it justice...awesome!
The design is amazing. It has a rugged construction. It's completely silent. Assembly is a breeze.
It gives you unlimited training options.
It’s true what the preface to the training manual says: “No matter what your goal is, you'll reach it with the Bio Force."
I’m totally thrilled with this piece of equipment. It makes training enormous fun….and is addictive!!!
I would absolutely recommend it.

von Jürgen am 15/09/2013
Good product, but very slow delivery.

I wasn't impressed with the delivery time. I had to wait longer than two weeks!

The Bio Force extreme makes a solid impression. Working out on it is fun and very varied.
Exercising feels different than with free weights, because slowing down the resistance at the end of a repetition is easier.

I can't say anything about the results of my training yet, since I have only had the machine for one week.

von Matthias am 12/09/2013
Perfect for training at home

Assembling the gym went well from the start, and now we have a first-class piece of equipment at home. Resistance adjustment is simply ingenious, and the gym’s noiseless operation wins me over above all.
With over 100 (!) exercises, the gym is optimal for both beginners and experts alike.

I would absolutely recommend this multi-gym.

von Johnny am 29/08/2013
It makes training fun!

The assembly was easy thanks to the step-by-step illustrated instructions. In fact, I’ve never seen better instructions. We (2 people) managed to assemble it in about 2 hours. The machine is very quiet and changing the weight settings is simple and easy. The Bio Force has an appealing, modern look.
The illustrated training manual is an excellent tool especially for beginners training at home. The gym can be quickly reconfigured for different workouts.
The only shortcoming is that a few exercises cannot be performed by overly tall or short people exactly according to the instructions.
I would absolutely recommend this gym to everyone!

von Bellami am 27/08/2013
First class

I’ve already had the gym for a few weeks and could not be more thrilled. I did not buy the gym online, but instead drove to a Hammer store so I could see it in person. The gym was delivered on time and assembled by a Hammer employee. The salesperson was friendly, knowledgeable and motivated. I couldn't ask for much more. I’d give the service a perfect 10. The gym also has superior cost-performance value. Machines that can do everything that the Bio Force provides are expensive across the board. Last, but not least, is the quality. I'd even give it another star if I could. I used to use a lifting bench until I purchased the Bio Force. What an amazing difference! The sheer variety of exercises is incredible. The exercises are well explained, and switching between exercises is not an issue. Two thumbs up. Buying this gym was a great decision.

von HH am 11/08/2013
Perfect workout equipment – pleasant surprise

I was very sceptical about the Bio Force! My wife and I had used only "classic" equipment in the past! But training on this machine is really easy and effective. The motions are fluid and there's no shifting (resistance suddenly becomes heavier or lighter) during the pulling phase.
Although assembly took some time (2.5 hours for two of us), the assembly instructions were fantastic. They simply rocked. They were not confusing at all!
Bottom line: I would recommend it 100%!
The knowledgeable salesperson made the entire experience perfect. She was absolutely dedicated, patient, friendly and knowledgeable. Simply great!!!
Thank you

von Maggus am 07/08/2013
Innovative multi-gym in a solid design

I am very impressed with the Finnlo Bio Force Extreme multi-gym.
+ Good workmanship
+ Wide range of exercises possible
+ Light-weight and doesn't take up too much space
+ Easy to assemble

Regarding the exercises one should really ask an expert for advice to ensure that one does the exercises properly. I presume that advanced hobby athletes are more likely buy such a multi-gym. In this case it would work out well. The Finnlo Bioforce Extreme is a very good choice.

von ornithologe am 05/08/2013
Finnlo BioForce Extreme

Very detailed assembly instructions. The assembly time is totally acceptable.

Very detailed documentation - also with many different exercises, training plans are integrated, DVD included, etc.

All of the materials used and the machine itself have a very high standard of quality.

Nothing squeaks, rattles or slips!

We are very satisfied!

von IngridW am 05/08/2013
Finnlo Bio Force Extrem

Great machine. One should think about whether one really needs the extreme version though.
Many people write that it is difficult to change the different positions of the rolls. I on the other hand was surprised at how easy and quick it is to adjust the "multi-gym".

I can absolutely recommend this multi-gym.

von Hons09 am 05/08/2013
Finnlo Bio Force Extrem - I can only recommend it!

The assembly instructions are self-explanatory. It's possible to assemble the machine alone and the assembly time is totally acceptable. One should use one's own tools instead of the tools provided though.
The machine is great, nothing squeaks or cracks. It's fun to work out on it, very recommendable.

von Binci am 05/08/2013
Total package!

I just tried out the Bio Force Extreme at a retailer and was very surprised at how easy it is to use this multi-gym. Changing the resistance without having to stand up, the seat can be removed in just a few seconds, smooth transitions from one exercise to another. Compared to weights, the resistance feels different, but right. However, I have to criticise that one has to row while standing without a way to support the upper body.

von Mister X am 05/08/2013
Excellent multi-gym

Great multi-gym. The assembly is described well, I needed 5 hours by myself and at a relaxed pace. The many training options are particularly noteworthy. I would buy this machine again. The telephone advice is commendable.

von noon-blum am 12/04/2013
This equipment rocks

I’m thrilled! Even the assembly was fun!

von Fetzy am 25/02/2013
Highly satisfied, would definitely recommend it

I’ve never seen such a professional packing job. Unpacking the product was a lot of fun.
The real fun was putting it together. Everything fell into place. Thanks to the great assembly instructions, I’m now my girlfriend’s handyman hero. I was just a pencil pusher before.
I can’t really say anything about the quality of the material yet, since I do not know how long the cables will last. Everything else appears to be top quality. And: it looks even better in real than in photos.

von Dieter am 07/02/2013
Good cost-performance value, would absolutely recommend it!

All in all I’m very satisfied with this equipment. I’ve been using it for almost 4 years (about 1.5 hours a week). The flaws would be the cable guides, some of which are already damaged. A few spares should always be included with shipment. An adjuster broke after just 2 years, but was replaced under warranty without any problem.

von Hanspeter am 05/02/2013
Quality home gym

We’ve been using the Bio Force Extreme for just a week. We’re a family with 2 fitness-enthusiasts. All family members have a great time using the multi-gym. It’s easy to operate. One huge advantage is that it makes no noise! It's just crazy how many exercises it allows you to do. With the materials provided, doing the exercises is no problem. You have to make sure though that you execute the exercises precisely, since they are not mechanically guided.

Once two replacement parts (2 incorrect parts were delivered) arrive, I'll be satisfied all-around.

By the way: the assembly was child’s play for two people. The supplied tools sufficed. The Allen wrenches were very soft and almost unusable by the time we were done. Stronger material should be used here.

von Uwe A. am 23/01/2013
total surprise, great piece of equipment

I was very excited while unpacking and assembling the equipment. The assembly instructions were very detailed. When first using the gym I noticed that it works just as well as actual weights. It’s easy to use and is very quiet. However, I’m worried about how long the cables and pulleys will stand up to use. Nonetheless, I did not see any customer comments about this issue on the internet before buying. Let’s just see how it goes. I’ve been very thrilled so far…

von harry am 02/01/2013
Great piece of equipment!

I’m absolutely thrilled. It does a lot more than my old “conventional” multi-gym!!! It’s simply perfect and incredibly versatile! I would definitely recommend it!

von henry am 14/11/2012
A great multi-gym overall!!

A very easy-to-use and convenient multi-gym. While it takes a little time to get used to if you've worked only with free weights before, it's a great piece of equipment. It’s very quiet and packed with exercising options. I’m very satisfied!! :D

von Danilo 87 am 03/09/2012

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