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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force 4.9 5 25
  • Sophisticated cable system with many adjustable pull positions.
  • Revolutionary TNT resistance technology.
  • Up to 100 kg tensile load.
  • Over 100 different exercises.
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  • Weight resistance100 kg
  • Build up size134 x 165 x 208 cm
  • Cable pullNo
  • FeaturesTNT technology

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force

No weights, no noise, loads of exercises - the perfect multi gym for the home. FINNLO’s Bio Force revolutionizes strength-training! Instead of conventional weight stacks, Bio Force uses special TNT resistance technology. Two nitrogen-filled cylinders on the back of the multi gym generate up to 100 kg (2 x 50 kg) of smooth and even resistance without making noise.

With its ingenious cable pull system and numerous adjustable pulling positions, the Bio Force multi gym lets you do over 100 different exercises. The four shoulder-level anchorage points per side enable four different training widths for chest and arm exercises so you can target the right muscles. Two foot straps are included for loads of lower extremities exercises, making it easy for you to train your adductors, abductors, hamstrings and calf muscles. The seat can be easily removed for standing or kneeling exercises. Using detailed instructions and photos, the included manual guides you through each exercise.

The Bio Force weighs only 66 kg and can be easily moved on its transport rollers, making it perfect for your home.

Product details:

  • Revolutionary TNT resistance technology (Total Nitrocell Technology)
  • Over 100 exercises possible
  • Provides up to 100 kg of resistance (2 x 50 kg), adjustable in 2.5 kg steps
  • Noiseless, even resistance
  • Disc-locking mechanism lets you easily adjust resistance without having to get up
  • Weight can be adjusted independently for each side (2.5 – 50 kg) to help you build symmetry
  • 4 shoulder-level cable anchorage points per side for targeted upper body workouts
  • Two foot straps included for loads of lower extremities exercises
  • Illustrated exercise manual included
  • Total weight only 66 kg
  • Transport rollers for easy moving
  • Footprint: 134 x 165 x 208cm
  • Space required: 165 x 165 x 208cm
  • Colour: anthracite

We recommend the following accessories:

3842 Multi Gym Bio Force

FINNLO Bio Force – The Men's Health test winner with resistance up to 100 kg. Revolutionary TNT resistance technology: No weights, no noise, sensationally even motion and super-fast resistance adjustment.
Finnlo Bio Force Multi Gym

Studio quality and sport specific training options. Perfect for fitness training and weight lifting. Thousands of happy users! FINNLO Bio Force a professional muscle training station for your entire body. The TNT patented resistance system offers an exceptional even and smooth motion during training. Every muscle group is perfectly covered by one or more exercises. FINNLO Bio Force enables both fast muscle growth as well as definition at gym level. You can get your daily training in at any time without worrying about gym hours. FINNLO Bio Force guarantees training at gym levels, offering a number of professional exercises along with the freeweight motions – all with a compact footprint. No weight discs, no noise – perfect for every flat.
Depending on your training goals, you can build muscles, improve posture or train important muscle groups for your sport with the FINNLO Bio Force weight station. By varying the exercise intensity and reps, you can improve various types of strength: Maximum strength, speed, reactive strength and endurance. After just 4 weeks of training with the Bio Force from FINNLO and you'll notice considerable effects with your strength gains and muscle definition. Targeted, isolated muscle growth is made possible with numerous exercises with free range of motion. Your body will be completely and functionally trained.

The FINNLO Bio Force Multi Gym – innovative and effective training Revolutionary TNT resistance technology
Finnlo Bio Force Multi Gym With TNT resistance technology, the FINNLO Bio Force is the world's first home fitness device without conventional weight blocks. The TNT system consists of cylinders filled with nitrogen, which generates especially effective and even resistance over the entire exercise movement. Training is not only completely silent, it's also perfectly suited for flats and has a special safety benefit for households with children, as there are no weights that can fall on one another.
The one-hand adjustment is another benefit of the FINNLO Bio force when compared with conventional multi gyms on the market. With a few seconds you can adjust the resistance and intensity of your exercise without standing up. The system is especially well suited for super sets (quickly changing the resistance during the exercise set for higher muscle stimulation).
The resistance can be adjusted precisely in 2.5 kg increments up to 100 kg. The bilateral resistance control can also be used for compensation and balance training for the weaker side of the body. This property is usually found only in professional gyms.

Unbelievable exercise variety and variation options
Finnlo Bio Force Multi Gym

The Bio Force cable system offers especially flexible training options. You can put together your own training programme from over 100 different exercises. You can also switch into another motion easily during an exercise set. The FINNLO Bio Force includes a detailed manual that describes and illustrates start and end positions and an overview for women and men for optimal exercising. Everything is neatly placed in a premium nylon folder.

The ergonomic, comfortable seat can be removed in a few easy steps. This allows for exercises like abductor and adductor training, standing curl exercises, cross cable exercises and many other professional exercises. The seat can naturally be adjusted vertically to fit your individual height and body. FINNLO Bio Force is suitable for users over 2 metres tall.

Supplemental accessories for even more exercise options
Finnlo Bio Force Multi Gym Finnlo Bio Force Multi Gym

Professional supplemental accessories are available for the FINNLO Bio Force weight station:
FINNLO Bio Force Accessory Set (item no. 3811):

  • Premium plastic storage
  • Power triceps cable
  • Swivelling metal grip for arm and chest exercises
  • Comfort foot straps for adductor and abductor training

The plastic case can be perfectly integrated into the multi gym and makes a practical place to store accessories. This way, everything remains handy during your training.

FINNLO Bio Force Power Bench (item no. 3817)
For professional bench presses, incline bench presses, rowing, shoulder presses, latissimus pulls, etc.

  • 5-way adjustable backrest
  • One-hand motion to adjust the seat and backrest
  • Extra-strong comfort cushion with ergonomic design for effective chest exercises
  • Sturdy round pipe construction
Modern high-tech design and additional features

The FINNLO Bio Force is painted in a sleek and sporty black-anthracite. The premium, symmetrical design integrates perfectly into any modern décor. The Bio Force is a multi gym that doesn't have to be stowed away in the basement. Place it prominently in your living area to remind you daily of your fitness training, and you can even sneak in a few sets during the day. Thanks to the sturdy transport rollers and a low product weight of only 76 kg, the weight station can be moved around without problem.


Facts & Overview Now you can finally train on a professional level at home with the Men's Health test-winning FINNLO Bio Force and quickly and effectively get your body into top shape. Thousands of users love the unique qualities and features on the FINNLO Bio Force multi gym:
  • The innovative TNT resistance system (total nitrocell technology) replaces conventional weight blocks. With a light product weight of 76 kg, the Bio Force can be moved easily with the transport rollers.
  • The TNT resistance system provides exceptionally smooth and completely silent resistance.
  • The handy sliding fastening mechanism allows you to adjust the resistance within seconds – all without having to stand up. Turn, adjust, continue training – so convenient and easy!
  • The flexible cable system offers over 100 different exercises. You can change from one exercise to another seamlessly and comfortably.
  • All of the exercises are illustrated in a clearly-arranged manual with start and ending positions. A training poster for men and women is included. This are all conveniently packed in a premium nylon folder.
  • You can enhance your exercise options perfectly with the Bio Force power bench (item no. 3817) and the Bio Force accessory set (item no. 3811).
Product details for the FINNLO Bio Force weight station
  • Test winner in the world's largest men's fitness magazine Men's Health (rating: very good). Now with resistance from 2.5 to 100 kg.
  • Patented TNT resistance system adjustable via sliding mechanism in 2.5-kg increments. No weights, no noise, exceptionally smooth and even resistance
  • Free motion for perfect training ergonomy, sport-specific training and especially fast training results
  • Over 100 exercise options with free motion
  • Exercise variations like the butterfly, bench press, latissimus pulls, leg curls, arm curls, rows, tricep presses/pulls, leg presses, leg extensions, ab training, bilateral training, neck presses, etc.
  • 4 cable points per side for targeted muscle isolation and various shoulder widths
  • One-handed quick adjustment without standing up, perfectly suited for effective super sets involving fast resistance changes
  • Ergonomic, vertically-adjustable comfort seat can also be removed for standing exercises
  • Low product weight of 76 kg and transport rollers make it easy to move
  • Detailed exercise manual and training poster in a premium nylon folder
  • Expandable with the Bio Force power bench (product no. 3817) and accessory set (product no. 3811).
  • Colour: black/anthracite
  • Maximum body weight: 135 kg
  • Dimensions: 138 x 165 x 208cm
  • Space required: 168 x 165 x 208cm

Additional Information

Features / Additional Equipment Revolutionary TNT-resistance technology (Total Nitrocell Technology) for smooth and noiseless training
All movement processes without the usual weight block
Easy resistance adjustment due to the push-lock-mechanism without getting off the machine
Bilateral different weight adjustments: 100kg (2 x 50kg) enable compensation of muscle weaknesses
Total weight of the Multi-gym only 67 kg
Transportation rollers for easy movement of the machine
More than 100 different training possibilities
Incl. manual with exercises and pictures
Vertically adjustable and removable seat
Weight block No weight block needed because of the innovative TNT-resistance-system
Max. resistance 100 kg (adjustable in 2,5 kg-steps)
Bench press Yes
Butterfly Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Rowing Yes
Reversed leg raises Yes
Leg curl Yes
Abdominal Yes
Back pull Yes
Neck press Yes
Lat pull Yes
Sidewise tensile Yes
Leg press No
Training possibilities More than 100 training possibilities!, butterfly, bench press, Lat pull, leg curl, arm curl, rowing, triceps press/-pull, reversed leg raises, abdominal training, bilateral training, …
Integrated transportation rollers Yes
Weight 1
Max. body weight 135 kg
Delivery time 1-3 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)
Warranty extension for FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force


The manufacturer's warranty for FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force

Usage Warranty Warranty on main frame
Private use48 months-


  • Free delivery to most of Mainland UK
  • Your order will be delivered immediately after we received your payment
  • The delivery takes 1-3 workdays
  • Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)
  • Delivery directly from the manufacturer
  • Return for free

Complaints & Service

The return is free! In case of a return, we ask you to contact us previously by mail or phone so we can arrange the pick up for you.

In case you have any trouble with our equipement feel free to contact us. We will take care of it immediately.

  • More than 100 training possibilities!
  • butterfly
  • bench press
  • Lat pull
  • leg curl
  • arm curl
  • rowing
  • triceps press/-pull
  • reversed leg raises
  • abdominal training
  • bilateral training

Customer reviews for this product

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force Customer reviews: 25 Average rating: 4.9 of 5.0 stars

How do you rate this product? *

  1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars

I’m thrilled. I’m feeling muscles again that had been hiding for years!!!
Very high-quality product, easy to assemble.
It's optimal for apartments. No clanking weights.
My wife also has a lot of fun with it!!!

von Holzer am 09/07/2015
It's fun and makes you feel good.

The assembly went by without any major problems. However, a wrong labelling between the instructions and the screw package caused some temporary frustration. The initial exercises went perfectly well.

It's fun and makes you feel good. My wife also likes it a lot. We do not regret this purchase.

von Wilke am 09/07/2015
Great service, ingenious piece of equipment

The assembly was really easy. Everything was clearly explained. The exercises are clearly described step-by-step and really make training fun. My family loves it.

von Sonne am 09/07/2015
show all
Great piece of equipment, great service from Hammer

Very helpful assembly instructions, parts intuitively arranged, especially the screws. This made assembly a breeze. Hammer provided perfect service from order, to payment and to delivery in Switzerland. The gym will win you over with its solid construction and easy operation.

von Schlapbach am 09/07/2015
Perfect equipment, easy to assemble, top quality all the way!!!

I’m absolutely thrilled. It was delivered in two boxes. The boxes are really heavy, and you definitely need two people to carry them. Assembly is really easy. The instructions are great. Tools and screws are included, and the DVD gives you everything you need to know. The equipment is really easy to assemble, and I did not need a second person to help (for your information, I'm a woman). Training on this gym is the best, because it's silent and lets you quickly changes between exercises. It's a really rugged piece of equipment. I can’t think of anything negative to say about it! I wish all fitness enthusiasts a lot of fun with the Bio Force. To anyone still considering it, I would say get it! It's worth it!!! I love it.... :)

von Sportbiene am 09/07/2015
I would do it again!!!

Fast delivery, great packaging and the machine has totally convinced me.

von Maik am 09/07/2015
Simply first class!!!

The Bio Force multi-gym is the most versatile piece of equipment I’ve ever used, plus it’s absolutely silent. It's very easy to operate, and switching between exercises is a breeze.
Everything is explained very clearly. Unfortunately the DVD is in English, but that’s actually not a problem. The 80 kg of resistance is totally sufficient for someone who is not a professional athlete. It's too bad that the 8-week training plan is not available for download (or I haven't found it yet).
Here's to your training

von Vinzenz am 09/07/2015

I bought a piece of fitness equipment from you several weeks ago.
However, I still haven’t gotten the hang of it completely, especially since the video is in English.

I’m really thrilled with both the (compact) size of the equipment with all of the functions I'll hopefully soon master.

von Doris am 09/07/2015
Very fast service, knowledgeable

Great advice. Excellent assembly instructions

von Ralf am 09/07/2015
The gym is great and lots of fun

It's easy to set up, goes up quickly with two people, good instructions, everything is packed in an orderly fashion.
It doesn’t take up too much space, is not that heavy, can be moved thanks to built-in rollers.
I’ve only had the multi-gym for a few days, but can already say it makes a great first impression. It features high-quality construction. Unlike an inexpensive system, everything fits together perfectly.
Lots of workout options, all of which are relatively quiet, since there are no weights banging together.
Nice service over the phone. Delivery was as promised. Only the shipping company failed to meet their end of the bargain (did not even have a hand truck), leaving me to figure out how to move two 40 kg boxes into my apartment.

von Fredi am 09/07/2015
First-class gym. My wife and I are thrilled.

It came perfectly packed in two boxes. There were no screws to sort. They were all sealed in a carton and labelled by size and step. The assembly would have definitely been easier had I watched the video before starting. But it’s up now. It’s made of high-quality materials and is even more impressive than it looks in photographs. We’ve done the first wave of exercises and are already seeing positive results in our muscles. This is no toy.
It was the absolute right choice.

von Ploe am 09/07/2015
Good piece of equipment

Very sophisticated system, the design is thorough, good workmanship. Minimal space requirement since everything is included in one machine; the workout plans are suitable for everybody and easy to comprehend. The assembly is easy, even for people with two left hands.

von Chris am 09/07/2015
Finnlo Bio Force

A great all-rounder. Fun and fitness for the entire family.

von Tino Heid am 09/07/2015

Innovative product with a good cost-performance ratio! I've been using it for 2 years without any problems.

von Finnlo User am 09/07/2015
THE ultimate multi-gym

What a versatile piece of equipment!! It would be impossible to list everything you can do on it. I'll say this much: It’s rugged and easy to use. It runs as smooth as silk and is above all silent! The design will wow you, and the exercise DVD is extremely good at presenting everything there is to know about the equipment.  You can even attach different modules that are sold separately.

von Heinz am 09/07/2015

This equipment rocks! All possible exercises are easy to set up, and it lets you change resistance instantaneously (just pull the handle and slide to the desired level). It’s the top seller at my shop. The instructions are very informative, and the exercise DVD gives a great overview of all of the exercise options. Resistance is provided by nitrogen cylinders that work great. The seat is also removable, letting you exercise standing up as well. It’s also great for tall people (up to 2 m).   A real hit all around!

von Karl am 09/07/2015

Great piece of equipment. It is particularly light, does not take a lot of space and it's easy to move around the apartment. One can also do lots of exercises on it. The DVD provided is great. I can highly recommend it to anybody!!!

von Grenne am 09/07/2015
Great for using at home

One can do all of the usual exercises.  It's easy to handle.  The CD instructions are very good.  The wheels work better if you spray them with silicone spray beforehand.  The seat adjuster is difficult to turn, could be better.  Top workmanship and quality. Really worth the money.  Lots of fun  

von Uwe am 09/07/2015
Excellent multi-gym!!

An excellent multi-gym with loads of options. The weight can be adjusted quickly for different exercises. The assembly is a breeze thanks to great instructions. Excellent customer service in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Thanks again!!

von Sven am 09/07/2015
Finnlo Bioforce

The Bioforce is a clever all-in-one concept that seems to be particularly interesting for power athletes who are not so professional.

The main strengths:
1. The low weight and the remarkably small space requirement
2. The machine is virtually silent and shock-free.
3. The versatility of the possible exercises
4. Easy assembly

The main flaws:
1. Inadequate options for adjusting the height of the seat. A problem for people taller than 1.80 m and with long arms. No option to adjust the height of the seat downwards, which means that one has a very cramped seating posture when doing latissimus pull-downs.  
2. The pneumatic resistance system does not work as smoothly as real weights (and as promised) 
3. More difficult motion control especially during the exercises that do not have a sensible alternative when training with free weights, e. g. latissimus pull-downs and butterfly reverse. (also linked to 1.)

Conclusion: The target group is the decisive factor here. A good alternative for not-so-enthusiastic people with little space available. Not really suitable for professionals and tall people.

von Elias am 09/07/2015
Good alternative to an expensive gym

First about My compliments for the good service, the good advice and the free home delivery, which worked splendidly. Thanks to the instructions, the assembly was a piece of cake. We (2 people) needed about one and a half hours (with unwrapping). We have also tested the machine in the meantime and I have to say wow! I think the investment was well worth it. A fantastic instruction manual, lots of exercises that look promising, and easy to use. There is also a DVD which shows exactly all the things one can do wrong and how to do use the machine correctly. I think this is very important. Without a fitness trainer you never know if you're doing the exercises correctly.   The only small criticism I have is that the DVD is in English.  But since my English is quite good, this wasn't a problem for me. Otherwise one can also watch the movie because it shows what to look out for.   All in all I really like the machine!

von Simon am 09/07/2015
Flexible machine

I tested this workout equipment today.  The sheer variety of the exercises one can do with this machine is truly impressive. All without any weights.  An innovative system with a nitrogen resistance system ensures a silent workout. So it's very suitable for apartments with thin walls.   The total weight of the machine is around 80 kg.   So it's also pretty easy to transport!    One can do about 100 exercises with just one single machine. And the good thing about it is that the exercises are illustrated not only in a manual, but also on a DVD which is included in the delivery of the machine.   Boring workouts are thus a thing of the past!  One only has to adjust the pulleys to be able to do a different exercise or train a different group of muscles.    The only flaw is the way the pulleys run. They could run a little more smoothly and evenly. If this were optimised, the machine would be virtually perfect for home use!

von Chris am 09/07/2015
Well thought out

The equipment was expertly packed. The perfect instructions made set-up very simple even for one person working alone. Because it has no weights, it’s extremely quiet, and you do not have to worry about children getting their fingers caught.
What you must know first off is that the built-in rollers work only if the gym is not resting against a wall, since it has to be tilted about 30° backwards before it can be moved. The designers could have done a better job here.
The training plan included with the manual is the perfect guide for beginners. It could be improved, though, by referring the user to the detailed descriptions of the individual exercises (which are numbered anyway). Otherwise, the user has to find a way not to spend too much time looking up the exercises before mastering them. The sequence of the individual exercises in the training plan could also be rearranged so that you do not have to constantly reconfigure the gym.
Bottom line: this equipment is just right for an amateur not training to become Mr. Universe. It’s an incredible bang for your buck if you look at the number of possible exercises it offers and compare it to the cost of several years of membership at a gym.

von Martin am 09/07/2015
Great versatile piece of equipment, friendly and knowledgeable staff

High-end machine, free home delivery, perfectly packed, easy to assemble, the standardised screw packaging provides for a clear overview. The advice and delivery by the team in Kaiserslautern was friendly and competent.

von TS62 am 09/07/2015
Trouble-free and professional order processing, professional packing of the product, very user-friendly assembly and exercising instructions

Dear Hammer team, if working out with the multi-gym is just as much fun as the order process (which has been exemplary thus far), the professional packing of the product, the very user-friendly assembly and exercising instructions, then I have made the right choice :-). Would purchase it again.

von Fun am 09/07/2015

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