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FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Exum

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FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Exum

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FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Exum 4.6 5 1
  • Silent training.
  • Numerous fitness programmes.
  • Healthy, smooth movements.
  • Easy to use training computer.
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  • Braking systemInduction
  • Flywheel massapprox. 8 kg
  • Control optionsPulse, Watt
  • Max. body weight150 kg

FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Exum

The EXUM from FINNLO has everything you need in an exercise bike! The comfortable gel saddle guarantees comfort even for long endurance training and can be adjusted to fit your body as can the handle bars. This provides optimal ergonomics and ensures hours of enjoyable training at home. The high-quality workmanship and precision ball bearings deliver smooth running and a pleasant ride.

The heart and soul of the EXUM exercise bike is its training computer with a straightforward blue backlit display that provides all the information you need: Training parameters such as distance, time, speed, cadence, calories burned are available at a glance. Heart rate can be conveniently measured using the included ear clip or the integrated chest strap receiver. Heart rate can also be viewed as a percentage, which is practical, since many training specs for cardio equipment are expressed as percentages. With 12 different hill and flat trails and 4 heart rate programs, training on the EXUM is never boring. Intensity can be adjusted up to 400 Watts. Resistance control complies with DIN EN 957, making it extremely precise. There's nothing standing in the way of healthy cardio training with endless challenges and motivation.

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Finnlo Exercise Bike Exum Health-oriented endurance training with the HA-class FINNLO Premium Exercise Bike

You'll have effective fitness and health training at the highest level with the FINNLO Exum Exercise Bike. The HA-class technology (corresponds with the DIN EN 957 – 1/5 standard) combined with the simple and easy-to-use computer controls gives you ideal, health-oriented training. Endurance training not only strengthens your cardiovascular system, but it also helps you burn calories and quickly get to your dream figure. Exercise bike training gives you well-defined legs and toned skin. The Exum Exercise Bike from FINNLO makes your endurance training pleasant, as the comfortable gel saddle gives you comfy seating even on long workout sessions, and both it and the handlebars can be adjusted to fit every body size perfectly. After just a few weeks, you'll notice that your resting heart rate will lower and your body weight drops optimally thanks to pulse-controlled workouts.
Effective cardio training with the Exum Exercise Bike can lead to the following results:

  • Improve your cardiovascular system
  • Effective weight and fat reduction
  • Body toning and tighter skin
  • Strengthen all of your major muscle groups
User-friendly training with the FINNLO Exum Exercise Bike Precision technology

The premium technology in the FINNLO Exum exercise bike provides for the best possible training comfort. Precision ball bearings and an 8-kg flywheel mass guarantee even steps and a smooth, quiet operation. The Exum exercise bike is driven by maintenance-free grooved belts, which are regulated by an induction brake system. This combination allows for precise workout control and especially fluid movements.
The HA-class exercise bike (corresponds with the DIN EN 957 – 1/5 standard) allows for a wide range of intensity from 25 to 400 Watts, with an RPM-independent resistance range covering 40 levels.

User-friendly and easy-to-use training computer

The heart of the FINNLO Exum exercise bike is the premium training computer, which controls your entire workout. The training computer is user-friendly and extremely easy to use. All areas on the FINNLO Exum display different workout info, which makes the menu easy to navigate. The intensity is controlled via the training computer and can be set in 5-Watt increments to between 25 and 400 Watts. Besides selecting an individual maximum heart rate, other training goals can also be chosen. Pulse is measured on the Exum either via the integrated pulse receptor for a chest strap or ear clip. The clear, blue backlight display shows all the important information like distance, time, speed, step frequency and calories burned at a glance.
With 18 different training programmes, you can exercise as often as you'd like without getting bored. The resistance control is RPM-independent, meeting the extensive intensity control in Watts of the DIN EN 957 standard. The fitness programmes include:

  • 12 valley and peak programmes
  • 1 individually-programmable peak and valley profile
  • 4 pulse-controlled training programmes
  • 1 RPM-independent Watt programme.

The pulse programme on the FINNLO Exum can either be used with pre-programmed maximum heart rates (55%, 75%, and 95%) or you can set your own limit. After the workout, you have the option of seeing your personal fitness grades. Based on your resting heart rate progression, the training computer calculates your fitness grade, displayed like a school grade between 1 and 6.

Optimal training posture

The FINNLO Exum exercise bike is equipped with a comfortable gel saddle that takes the pressure off your tail bone. It optimally prevents pressure and friction problems, allowing for even longer training sessions.
The seat on the Exum can be directly adjusted for correct posture. The saddle and handlebars can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, enabling perfect training ergonomy. This is further promoted with the minimal pedal gap, which is typical of FINNLO exercise bike. This makes the FINNLO Exum ideal for all body sizes from 155 cm to over 200 cm without any compromises. Many exercise bikes on the market are not designed for users 2 metres tall. FINNLO plans for this in designing the equipment's ergonomy.
Thanks to the practical transport rollers and a product weight of only 39 kg, you can move the FINNLO Exum exercise bike easily at any time. For a change, simply roll your exercise bike in front of the TV and watch your favourite shows while exercising.

FINNLO Exum Exercise Bike training tips:
In order to achieve the best-possible effects for toning your body and reducing fat, you should vary the intensity of your workout sessions. Always alternate when training for this reason.

  • 1x scope-oriented with a minimum of 30-45 minutes with a low resistance
  • 1x intensity-oriented with a 20-30 minute workout with higher resistance.

During longer sessions, you primarily work in the metabolism range, which promotes your endurance and helps lower your body weight. In contrast, shorter sessions strengthen, tone and define your legs and butt muscles primarily. When combined, the Exum exercise bike provides effective fitness training that provides both variety and fun in your workouts.

Facts & Overview

The FINNLO Exum exercise bike not only makes your health-oriented endurance training especially effective, it also guarantees the easiest and simplest computer controls. The sophisticated equipment provides for comfortable cardio training that will help you improve your endurance, strengthen your cardiovascular system, and efficiently reduce your weight.
The grooved belt drive and induction brake system ensure even and precise movements on the ergometer. The Exum also features precision ball bearings and an 8-kg flywheel mass.
The heart of the FINNLO EXUM exercise bike is the especially easy-to-use training computer – for maximum user-friendliness.
The handlebars and saddle can be individually adjusted vertically, and the saddle can also adjust horizontally. It's ergonomic and easy on your back with optimised seating posture.

Important product info for the FINNLO Exum Exercise Bike:
  • Ergometer meets HA-class DIN EN 957-1/5 standard
  • Maintenance-free induction brake system for especially smooth movements, resistance in Watts from 25 to 400 Watts, RPM-dependent
  • Automatic resistance setting
  • LCD computer monitor with blue backlight
  • 5 permanent displays
  • Maximum and minimum heart rate can be selected
  • Ear pulse and integrated pulse receptor for conventional chest strap (optional)
  • Grooved belt system and premium ball bearings for perfect operation
  • Grooved belt system, premium ball bearings
  • ca. 8 kg flywheel mass
  • Resistance control: 40 levels
  • Transport rollers and adjustable feet for uneven floors
  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
  • Colour: anthracite/silver
  • Maximum body weight: 150 kg
  • Dimensions: 102 x 55 x 125 cm (L x W x H)
  • Product weight: 39 kg

Additional Information

Colour black/silver
Weight 43 Kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 102 x 55 x 125 cm
Features / Additional Equipment Resistance 25-400 Watts
4 heart rate-controlled training programs
Integrated receiver for chest strap heart monitor
Blue backlit LCD display
12 resistance profiles
Performance 25-400 Watt
Drive system Belt driven
Braking system Induction
Resistance adjustment Computer controlled
Load spectrum 40 Steps
Load control RPM independent
Fitness programmes 12
Flywheel mass approx. 8 kg
Gear transmission ratio 1:8
Freewheel Yes
Computer LCD-Display
Computer display Distance / Time / Speed / Calorie consumption / RPM / Pulse
Permanent display 8
User 4+1
Training programs 18
Pulse Earpulse
Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts Yes
Lower / Upper pulse limit Upper pulse limit adjustable
Pulse percentage for upper limit Yes
Heart rate controlled programmes 4
Saddle / seat Gel Saddle
Integrated transportation rollers Yes
Power supply 230V, 50Hz
Class Class HA (according to DIN EN 957 – 1/5)
Max. body weight 150 kg
Delivery time 1-3 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)
Warranty extension for FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Exum


The manufacturer's warranty for FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Exum

Usage Warranty Warranty on main frame
Private use48 months-


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Customer reviews for this product

FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Exum Customer reviews: 1 Average rating: 4.6 of 5.0 stars

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The advice I got was absolutely fantastic!

I purchased the ergometer EXUM in your shop in Mannheim (E3, 1) on 28/08/2014.
The advice I was given was absolutely fantastic and competent. The machine I chose has the right value for money.
The size, use and need for space were duly taken into consideration. All of my questions were answered.

I took the machine home with me the same day. The packaging was stable and fitted on the back seat of my car.

It was really easy to mount it at home using the instruction manual. The operation and the displays are clear and easy to understand.

Even when I called with a question, they were able to help me.
(Question about the mains plug, floor cover and compatibility of the chest strap). It's a pity that there are no Hammer shops in Hamburg, or anywhere in northern Germany for that matter.

THANK YOU once again for the altogether very good advice!

von D. Vogelgesang am 08/09/2014

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