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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 1500

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 1500

Weight Training Station SKU: 3943

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 1500 4.9 5 5
  • 5-angle adjustments for butterfly exercises.
  • Ergonomic comfort cushions are individually adjustable.
  • Seated leg curls possible.
  • Weight stack can be upgraded to 100 kg.
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  • Weight resistance100 kg
  • Build up size165 x 145 x 215 cm
  • Cable pullNo
  • FeaturesButterfly exercises

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 1500

The AUTARK 1500 multi gym guarantees a professional start to strength training. Butterflies, lat pulls and rows are just as easy with this multi gym as crunches and numerous cable exercises. In contrast to other multi gyms, the AUTARK 1500 Multi-Gym has a professional feature for extensive leg muscle training, including leg curls and leg extensions. In addition, there is an integrated tricep cable, with which you can train even more effectively with the multi gym. The same applies for the butterfly lever arm, which has 5 angle adjustments for variations to exercises

The heart of the AUTARK 1500 multi gym is an 80 kg weight block comprised of 16 discs @ 5 kg. Take a seat on the ergonomically designed cushions, and the backrest and seat height offer vertical adjustments and enable perfect training ergonomy. This multi gym is distinguished by its stable steel frame and ball-bearing rollers. Optionally, an additional 20 kg can be added the AUTARK 1500 multi gym.

We recommend the following accessories:

Item No. 3943 Multi gym Autark 1500

FINNLO Multi Gym Autark 1500 The studio training cable tower for professional fitness and strength training at home. Includes leg extension / leg curl function.

Effective strength training for all the major muscle groups! You can finally train all of your body's important muscle groups at home just like in a professional fitness studio with the premium Autark 1500 multi multi gym from FINNLO. Equipped with a weight block of 80 kg (optional weights up to 100 kg), effective muscle building is perfectly possible for advanced body builders as well. Weight training with FINNLO Autark 1500 quickly and effectively builds muscle and also strengthens possible weak points like the back and legs to define your entire body. Now NEW: available in black/anthracite

You can achieve the following goals with the FINNLO Autark 1500:

FINNLO Multi Gym Autark 1500
  • Men: Broad, muscular V-shape
    Women: Strong backs
  • Men: Strong, defined shoulders
    Women: Toned shoulders
  • Men: Muscular arms
    Women: Toned, defined arms
  • Defined, muscular legs
    Women: Toned, defined legs
  • Men: Flat six pack and defined chest

You can target every muscle group in various ways thanks to the numerous station modules and training options. The diverse exercises and sophisticated geometry of the Autark 1500 multi gym guarantees quick and targeted muscle growth without have to make compromises. Want to take your fitness studio home with you? Professional and effective training? No matter whether you want to build muscle or get a toned body, the Autark 1500 multi gym gives you professional and flexible training when, where and how you want it.


FINNLO Multi Gym Autark 1500 ヨ Intensive Workout Numerous exercises, intensive resistance
FINNLO Multi Gym Autark 1500

You can use the classic bench press or the butterfly unit to train your pectoral muscles. While bench presses target your entire chest musculature, butterflies can be used to target the outer chest areas. For a broad V-shape and defined back muscles, there are also many exercises on the FINNLO Autark 1500 multi gym. Use the latissimus bar to perform lat pull-downs either to the back of your neck or to your chest. A separate cable allows you to do rows, and the included foot straps enable leg exercises. Bicep curls, tricep presses as well as combination exercises can be carried out ideally as well. The professional leg training module is a special highlight of the FINNLO Autark 1500. This finally allows a comprehensive leg muscle workout at studio levels. In contrast to conventional multi gym you'll find elsewhere on the market, the Autark 1500 allows for effective leg curls and leg extensions via a quick-change design. The inner and outer thighs (adductor and abductor exercises) can be whipped into shape with the included foot straps. These exercises are especially popular with women to target the problem areas on the thighs.

Naturally, ab training and six-pack training as well as comprehensive shoulder exercises with front and lateral lifts are perfectly possible with the Autark 1500 multi gym. Even advanced users will be challenged with up to 80 kg of weight resistance. The weight block is made of 16 5-kg discs, which can be adjusted quickly and easily with a weight pin. The weight block can be equipped with up to 20 kg of optional additional weight discs (item no. 3835).

Optimal training ergonomy thanks to variable adjustment options.
FINNLO Multi Gym Autark 1500

The Autark comfort seat and ergonomic backrest has multiple vertical position options. The backrest can also be adjusted for various angles. In this way, the seat height is versatile enough to fit every body size. In this way, the Autark 1500 is also perfectly suited for people over 2 metres tall. The butterfly arms also offer numerous position options. They can be adjusted to five different angles to the inside and outside. Perfect for targeting diverse muscle areas and building toned, defined pectoral muscles.

Perfect Accessories: Variable training thanks to versatile grips

Included are professional studio grips and bars. You can perfectly train your back muscles with the ergonomically-designed latissimus bar, use the curl bar to build impressive arm muscles quickly and effectively, and use the tricep cable to build and tone your posterior arm musculature. The variety of grips and exercise options enables you to quickly build your arm muscles. The variety of exercises ensures high muscle stimulation and, thus, noticeable effects.

Stable, secure construction and perfect cable technology

The FINNLO Autark 1500 multi gym stays put securely on the floor even when working with heavy weights. This is due to the especially stable steel frame construction with 4mm thick steel exterior. The difference between this and simple weight stations on the market is made clear. The rollers on the quality cables have ball bearings, offering perfect and practically silent motion, even with large amounts of weight.


FINNLO Autark 2200 Training Tips
FINNLO Multi Gym Autark 1500

For the best possible growth and muscle definition, we recommend completely training one muscle group before moving on to the next muscle group. Start with bench presses and then go straight into your butterfly sets. In this way, you can completely exhaust your chest muscles. If you have a limited amount of time for training, then you can also alternate between antagonistic muscle groups. By targeting antagonistic muscles, the other muscles will be stretched and rejuvenate faster. In this way, you can save time and still get an intense workout.

Facts & overview

The FINNLO Autark 1500 multi gym offers everything you need for an extensive, professional weight training session. With a maximum weight of 80 or 100 kg and numerous training modules, you can effectively build all of your body's major muscle groups. In order to make your exercises even more diverse, the FINNLO Autark 1500 multi gym includes three different studio-quality grips: a long, partially cushioned latissimus bar, a swivelling, ball-bushing curl bar, and a professional tricep curl. Measuring just 172 x 145 x 215 cm (L x W x H) and requiring just 200 x 225 x 215 cm of space, your complete home studio takes up very little room and is ideal even for smaller flats.

Important product information:
  • Professional training tower with over 30 exercises for all major muscle groups
  • Resistance system with weight discs (80 kg, 16 5-kg discs)
  • Maximum resistance of 90 kg with optional supplemental weights of 20 kg (item no. 3835) can be expanded to 135 kg of resistance
  • Professional leg curls / leg extensions with quick position change
  • Comfortable seat allows multiple vertical positions
  • Cable rollers with ball bearings for smooth, continuous exercises
  • Ergonomic backrest with lumbar support offers seamless vertical and angle positioning
  • Butterfly adjusts to five different interior and exterior angles for diverse exercises
  • Separate curl unit for freestanding exercises
  • Crunch unit for effective stomach and six-pack training
  • Professional studio accessories: Long, partially-cushioned latissimus bar, tricep cable, swivelling, ball-bushing curl bar, foot straps
  • Exercises: butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull-downs, leg curls, leg extensions, arm curls, rows, tricep press, tricep pull-downs, crunches, etc.
  • Adjustable foot plate for standing exercises and seated rows
  • Full metal exterior
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 165 x 145 x 215 cm
  • Space requirements (L x W x H): 200 x 225 x 215 cm
  • Max. allowable body weight: 120 kg
  • Colour: anthracite / black

Additional Information

Features / Additional Equipment 5-way angle adjustment for Butterfly exercises
Ergonomically designed comfort cushion including vertical adjustment options
For use up to 100 kg
Ball-bearing rollers
Steel pipe frame
Weight block 80 kg (16 Platten à 5 kg)
Max. resistance 90 kg
Upgradable with additional weights Yes
Multiple adjustable back rest Yes
Seat adjustable yes
Bench press Yes
Butterfly Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Rowing Yes
Reversed leg raises Yes
Leg curl Yes
Abdominal Yes
Back pull No
Neck press No
Lat pull Yes
Sidewise tensile No
Leg press No
Training possibilities Butterfly,Bench press,Lat pulls,Leg curls,Arm curls,Rows,Tricep push/-pull,Leg lifts,ab training
Weight 216 kg
Max. body weight 120 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 165 x 145 x 215 cm
Delivery time 2-4 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please enter your telephone number with your order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery appointment with you)
Warranty extension for FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 1500


The manufacturer's warranty for FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 1500

Usage Warranty Warranty on main frame
Private use48 months-


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Complaints & Service

The return is free! In case of a return, we ask you to contact us previously by mail or phone so we can arrange the pick up for you.

In case you have any trouble with our equipement feel free to contact us. We will take care of it immediately.

  • Butterfly
  • Bench press
  • Lat pulls
  • Leg curls
  • Arm curls
  • Rows
  • Tricep push/-pull
  • Leg lifts
  • ab training

Customer reviews for this product

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 1500 Customer reviews: 5 Average rating: 4.9 of 5.0 stars

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Great machine (with minor flaws for tall people)

I am totally satisfied with the quality of this equipment. I already have other products from the manufacturer and was therefore used to the solid workmanship. However, there is one minor flaw: For my height (I am 1.93 m tall) the cables are a little too long; with some exercises I have the problem that the weights touch the ground if I stretch out my arms a little too wide; nevertheless, I am still able to do a good workout.
In spite of the good instruction manual and the excellently packaged screws (individually wrapped for each step and labelled accordingly) the assembly took two people 5-6 hours.
The price is not exactly cheap, but reasonable for the quality. Nothing rattles or creaks with Finnlo, unlike cheaper providers, and also the construction is very robust and nothing swings or wobbles.
The delivery took a little longer than indicated on the website, but it was still delivered within a reasonable time frame.

The bottom line: a very good and versatile home workout equipment for a reasonable price. I can definitely recommend this for people with an average height. For those over 1.90 m tall: don't stretch out your arms in some of the exercises. Still well worth it.

von Timo BaZ am 25/01/2014
Finnlo Autark 1500

Loooooooads of fun!

von Katze am 04/11/2013
Finnlo Autark 1500

The assembly instructions are great, I had fun assembling it; the first exercises demonstrate good functionality; the quality is okay but I cannot rate it in the long term yet.

Meagre instruction manual!!! What exercises for what muscle groups?

von hjp am 04/11/2013
show all
Great piece of equipment

I’m very happy. The strength training station is of a very high quality. The assembly was easy to manage, but does take some time. Working out on it is fun. Great service and quick delivery. I can recommend this strength-training station.

von Peter H. am 04/11/2013
totally recommendable

Everybody should decide for themselves what machine best suits their needs. However, the delivery, assembly (I assembled it on my own with a super description) and service (one tiny part was damaged) were fantastic. I can really recommend this company.

von a am 01/11/2013

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