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FINNLO by HAMMER Incline Bench Design Line, Black

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FINNLO by HAMMER Incline Bench Design Line, Black

Weight bench SKU: 3886

In stockdelivery time: 9-10 workdays

FINNLO by HAMMER Incline Bench Design Line, Black 4.8 5 10
  • Design Line slanted weight bench.
  • 9-way adjustable back cushion.
  • 3-way adjustable seat cushion.
  • Maximum capacity 300 kg.
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FINNLO by HAMMER Incline Bench Design Line, Black

The black DESIGN LINE Incline Bench from FINNLO is perfect for everyone who like things to be functional and noble. The back cushion is 81 x 30cm and very inviting. It also has 9 different adjustments. The seat cushion on the FINNLO slanted weight bench can also be adjusted. The angle of the slanted weight bench can be adjusted with the foot pedal, helping you find the perfect workout ergonomics. The slanted weight bench has a maximum load capacity of 300kg (person and weights).

Caution: only the weight bench is included in the scope of delivery! (some images include accessories)

Optional accessories:

- FINNLO long barbell exercise station Design Line:The noble long barbell exercise station from FINNLO has 8 height adjustments and 5 width adjustments and is thus ideal for many different exercises such as bench presses and squats. With a width of 80-114cm, the DESIGN LINE long barbell exercise station also provides sufficient storage space for Olympic rods. Even its stability is practically Olympic The exercise station can easily bear 300kg. Once your workout is complete you can easily store the weights directly on the station.

-FINNLO 73kg long and short barbell set: You can precisely determine the intensity of your workout with the weights, since the weight of the weight plates varies. The set is comprised of 4x 10kg, 2x 5kg, 2x 2.5kg, 2x 1.25kg, and 2x 0.5 kg weight plates that are painted black. You can put a total of of weights on the dumbbells. The 5kg and 10kg plates also have grip holes so that you can more easily carry and mount the weights. Four high-quality star-shaped twist-off caps securely hold the weights in place during your workout.

We recommend the following accessories:

3886 FINNLO Incline Bench Design Line

Finnlo Schrägbank Design Line The perfect slanted weight bench for your home fitness studio. Includes quick adjustment mechanism for seat and back cushion that can be adjusted via the foot petal.

Working out with free weights requires one thing in particular: a stable and weight-bearing support surface that you can rely on. With its 6x adjustable backrest and 3x adjusted seat, the FINNLO slanted weight bench ensures a secure hold in all free weight exercises. With a maximum capacity of up to 300kg, the FINNLO slanted weight bench is ideally suited for bodybuilders. The individually adjustable seat and backrest makes this bench ideal for a variety of exercises and for comprehensive upper body workouts. You can work different parts of your muscles by adjusting the slanted bench and changing the angle of the exercise. The foot pedal allows you to quickly and comfortably adjust the seat and the backrest.

Finnlo Schrägbank Design Line You can achieve the following health- and endurance-related goals by doing free weight exercises on the FINNLO slanted weight bench:

  • Build up your large chest muscles
  • Build up the muscles in your shoulder girdle and upper back (upper, middle and lower parts of the Trapezius)
  • Build up your arm muscles (biceps, triceps, deltoideus, inner/outer rotators)
  • Work your stomach, legs and buttocks

With the FINNLO slanted weight bench, you can fully concentrate on your workout since the weight bench has a total capacity of 300kg. Stability, robust cushioning and high-quality workmanship make the FINNLO slanted weight bench an indispensable element of your fitness equipment. From well-trained bodybuilders to beginners, everyone profits from working out with free weights.

You can combine exercises with the long barbell rod with free short barbell exercises and achieve perfect results for your well-trained upper body. You can vary the strain on various parts of your larger muscles by adjusting the angle of the FINNLO slanted weight bench. You can work downward, transverse and upward fibers in the large chest muscle by changing the angle of the bench.

Finnlo Schrägbank Design Line Finnlo Schrägbank Design Line
Numerous workout variations

You can create a complex upper body workout, from classic bench pressing with different angles on the slanted weight bench to curls, neck presses and front over the head presses with the long barbell to bench presses with short barbells, butterfly and reverse butterfly, one-armed rowing, tricep extensions, bicep curls and many other options. Even your legs and buttocks can be worked on the flat weight bench with leg lifts, stepping onto the bench, or one-leg lunges.

Seven your legs and buttocks can be worked on the flat weight bench with leg lifts, stepping onto the bench, or one-leg lunge squats (back leg positioned on the bench)

Flexibility and stability ensure a varied and safe workout:

  • Separate seat and backrest cushion
  • 6x adjustable backrest (up to 90°)
  • 3x adjustable cushion
  • Maximum capacity of 300Kg
  • Can be combined with the FINNLO long barbell exercise station and the FINNLO 73kg long and short barbell set

Workout tips with the Design Line slanted weight bench:
Always make sure that you start with little weight and correct technique. You can only do exercises with free weights when you can give your exercises your full attention. This applies both to beginners and advanced individuals.

Whether you work your strength endurance or your maximum strength depends on the amount of weight you use and the number of repetitions you do.

Beginners start with low to middle weight and three sets of repetitions, 15-20 repetitions per set. Those with some experience increase the weight and complete 8-12 repetitions per set. More advanced individuals increase the weight up to a point where they can do a maximum of 6-8 repetitions per set. At first the break should be long enough to ensure you can recover enough before the next set. The standard is approx. 60 seconds.

Make sure you do the following if you want to ensure progress: First increase the number of workouts per week, then the number of exercises and then the intensity in terms of the amount of weight used. Once you work up to this level, increase the number of sets per exercise (e.g. from three to five) and then the number of repetitions per set. You can add stimulation by varying the exercises and changing between different levels of intensity.

Conclusion and summary

The FINNLO Design Line slanted weight bench is characterized by safety, stability, and a variety of setting and use options. You can train your entire upper body by doing classic bench presses and countless other exercises with long and short barbells. The exercise bench easily bears up to 300kg and maintains stability even for exercises without weights. This makes the Design Line weight bench the ideal workout partner for health- and performance-oriented workouts.

The most important product information:
  • Slanted weight bench for various uses when working with free weights
  • Stability and strength when doing exercises with long and short barbells as well as without weights
  • 9x adjustable backrest
  • 3x adjustable seat
  • Comfortable backrest with 81 x 30 cm back cushion
  • Exercise options for chest, shoulder, arm and upper back muscles: bench presses with long or short barbells, neck and front presses, butterfly / reverse butterfly, one-arm rowing, barbell curls, tricep extensions / dips, bicep curls, and many more.
  • Max. weight: 300 kg (body weight + weights used)
  • Dimensions when set up: (L x W x H): 126 x 51 x 60-133 cm
  • Colour: black
  • Can be combined with the FINNLO Design Line long barbell exercise station and the FINNLO 73 kg long and short barbell set
  • Exercise instructions with comprehensive descriptions
  • The weights shown are not included in the scope of delivery!

Additional Information

Maximum load 300 kg
Bars and weights included No
Adjustable leg raise No
Multiple adjustable back rest 9-fold
Seat adjustable 3-way
Bench press No
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Rowing Yes
Reversed leg raises No
Leg curl No
Leg raise No
Abdominal No
Back pull Yes
Neck press Yes
Lat pull No
Sidewise tensile No
Leg press No
Triceps rope No
Colour black
Max. body weight 300kg (body weight and weights used)
Build up size (L x W x H) 126 x 60 x 50-133 cm
Delivery time 9-10 workdays


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In case you have any trouble with our equipement feel free to contact us. We will take care of it immediately.

Customer reviews for this product

FINNLO by HAMMER Incline Bench Design Line, Black Customer reviews: 10 Average rating: 4.8 of 5.0 stars

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Very solid workmanship and impression, great packaging!

The weight bench is delivered perfectly packed in robust packaging; nothing shakes and everything is perfectly protected. The assembly can be done without problems and easily by one person. The great things is that the necessary tools are provided with the delivery. The quality of the weight bench and its functionality are convincing; the manufacturing quality is clean, the welded seams look perfect and the adjusting mechanism looks stable and well thought through.
Unfortunately I have to deduct one star for the price and service. The price is borderline, but I hope it's justified in that the quality prevails over time. I have to deduct one star for the service, because on the phone I was promised a delivery by a shipping company, which means it would have been no problem to arrange a time with the driver. However, the bench was delivered by GLS and it was only thanks to the driver's strong will that I received the bench on the promised day - he just came to my house twice.
Other than that I can definitely recommend the bench!

von Mikeludo am 28/08/2013

Great flat bench! I can recommend it!
The only deficit is that one should also be able to set the long side to a negative incline!
other than that it's a great piece of equipment and top quality!

von Miche am 27/08/2013
stable bench

stable bench, very nicely finished, nothing shakes. A slightly cheaper price would have been nice.

von servox am 26/08/2013
show all
totally recommendable training bench

the machine is really great. it was delivered by the shipping company yesterday and I was very surprised at the quality of the product. adjusting the back rest was solved nicely. I know the benches from the gyms. this is much better quality. I would like to see one small improvement: wheels underneath the feet would be great, then one could easily move the bench to the side after finishing the workout.

von sceo am 26/08/2013
I'm very happy with it. The quality is right, the delivery was reliable!

I'm very happy with it. The quality is right, the delivery was reliable!

von fred am 26/08/2013
Great bench with an attractive design

I have been using the bench for half a year already. My conclusion: Attractive and stable bench with a great ergonomic design (wide support, easy to adjust), very robust workmanship and it also looks great (it doesn't make a normal room like a gym ;-)). The price is high (perhaps a little too high), but anybody who is familiar with similar benches knows how they can shake and wobble. A recommended purchase!

von Carsten am 26/08/2013
FINNLO Design Line inclined bench


I have been comparing various inclined benches for quite some time now and I decided to buy this Finnlo bench early on. The bench looks attractive and is functional, nicely manufactured and easy to use.
The bench is robust and stable and thus very suitable for varied free weight training.
For the price I don't think that the bench can be topped in terms of its value for money.

von FlexNo11 am 26/08/2013
Reasonably priced quality

If the quality and durability are important purchasing criteria in addition to the price, this is the right product.

von Kraftsportler am 26/08/2013
GREAT weight bench - good quality

Fantastic bench which can be used for a wide range of exercises and for barbell training!!!

von Jolu am 26/08/2013
Good quality for a reasonable price

I ordered the weight bench because I didn't want to have to go the gym all the time, but rather exercise my upper body in the comfort of my own home. The workmanship is great, so is the design. I can definitely recommend the weight bench.

von Andreas Faulhaber am 26/08/2013

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