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Your first steps for your beachbody 2016

The first steps for your beachbody

With our fitness equipment we offer you the chance to get in to shape this summer. A super six pack, a muscular chest and fully trained body; we encourage you to train with a single piece of equipment a Multi Gym. You can train your entire body in various ways. Muscle building is made possible with effective workouts for all targeted muscle groups and will have you on your way to a flawless beachbody.

Our Multi-Gym from the Autark-Series offers numerous exercises within the smallest space.

The Autark-Series is perfect for men who want to achieve a well-conditioned body. Muscular arms, a broad chest and a V-Shaped back for summer. Each muscle group can be targeted and trained specifically depending on the focus by the different Autark-Models. Due to the number of repetitions or "Time under tension (TUT)" either muscle building or strength endurance will be trained. The Autark-Series offers effective and functional training possibilities for everyone.

Workout videos

Find more workouts with our Autark-series on our Youtube Channel.

Six pack for the summer

In addition to arms and chest for a great V-shaped-body you also can use our Multi-Gym to train your abs. The triceps cable is a great addition to your Multi-Gym, but not only suitable for triceps training - simply attach to the cable, sit down and put the cable over your shoulders, lean forward and slowly move backwards. With this simple movement you can perfectly train your six pack.

sixpack-workout-1 sixpack-workout-2

Overview Autark-Series

The Autark-Series models are different in a many ways – there is a basis of additional modules such as the lateral-pull cable tower, AB & back trainer, leg press or a separate butterfly unit. The functional leg flex and extension unit (Autark 1500) provide a very efficient leg workout.

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