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Fat loss

Fat loss

Fat loss

Fat loss is a popular training incentive. Less fat provides many with a slimmer body, better appearance and a healthier longer life. And it's true, for the body to be leaner and in the long term remain so; the fat reserves need to be burned off.

But doesn’t the bodies’ energy usage all break down from fat?

The fact is that the body only goes to its fat stores when it is forced to due to the body no longer getting sufficient energy via the food consumed. So your body decreases fat levels only when you take in fewer calories than you burn. This "negative energy balance" can be reached, for example, by eating less and exercising more.

The caloric intake through diet can be based on lists to keep the numbers in check, but what about the energy consumption of the body?

The daily energy requirement consists of three components:

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (maintenance of vital functions, body temperature, respiration, etc.)
  • Power sales (physical work, sport and physical activity)
  • Thermogenesis (energy expenditure with the metabolization of food)

Everyone has individual energy needs that it should not exceed if a person wants to keep their weight constant. You can determine your own energy needs on the basis of this rule of thumb:

BMR per day = 1kcal x weight (in kg) x 24 hours

However, this rule of thumb is only a rough estimate, as gender and age are not taken into account. A 70kg heavy woman has consequently an estimated BMR of about 1,680 kcal per day. If she wants to run to increase fat loss, they should eat less or increase the level of physical activity.

Also known as fat burning, fat loss workouts are particularly designed to take advantage of the many large muscles because muscles are the number one energy consumers in our body. Also varied endurance training works well for fat loss.

Be aware: 1 kilo of fat equals about 7,000 calories! So if you want to reduce only one kilo of fat that should be your goal, in addition to burn 7,000 calories more. That's a lot, but with a little patience and discipline in your fat loss training nothing will stand in the way!

With our crosstrainers and exercise bikes you can start fat burning right away!

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