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HiiT vs. LiSS

Which method is better?

HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a simple, high-intensity training principle. It consists of short, very intense sprints associated with moderate units. A HiiT unit might look like this: A 60-second sprint followed by a low effort 3 minute recovery period. Once the pulse is in the normal range again, another sprint and recovery is performed. One unit is about 20 minutes.

LiSS (low intensity training steady state) is a training principle that consists of steady moderate cardio. Here, one should be able to talk while exercising with others.

Lactate and anaerobic threshold

Glucose is burned in two ways, through aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises are where you burn energy without reaching the maximum oxygen consumption level within your body whereas with anaerobic exercises you burn energy quicker by sprinting to reach your maximum oxygen consumption level.

By looking at the values of lactate and anaerobic thresholds for each training method it is easy to recognize which training principle generates the most ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is a form of energy which is used for all processes occurring in cells. HiiT leads to a better performance than LiSS and changes in metabolism are thus larger than in LiSS because HiiT units affect both thresholds. The so-called after burn is higher, resulting in a higher caloric consumption.

LiSS units improve the oxygen carrying capacity of the body, lowers blood pressure, stress hormones are reduced and nutrients are traded during the training for energy.

hiit vs liss

HiiT vs. LiSS

Bring variety to training!

The human body is very adaptable. The more it is exposed to new pressures, the more it will try to adapt. Depending on the amount of exercise and time management, a combination of the two training principles is most ideal. On days where there is no time for strength training, a properly performed HiiT unit can be a useful substitute. If you want to do some endurance training before or after your muscle training, you should limit it to LiSS.

Working out in the first place should be enjoyable, so as to give you greater motivation to continue training. HiiT is less time-consuming, appears to be more effective for fat burning, but is significantly more strenuous. LiSS is relaxing but time-consuming; however its positive effects are not to be disregarded.

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