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Impressive Chest

Impressive Chest

Impressive Chest

Among the top 3 most desired muscles, the chest muscles undoubtedly take 1st place. No muscle displays such masculinity as a strong and defined “Major.” This muscle is adored by women and commands respect and recognition from all.

Musculus pectoralis major (lat .: pectoralis major)
As part of the respiratory muscles, pectoralis major covers the entire chest. Its purpose is to move the arm forward, towards you and twist inward.

Musculus pectoralis minor (lat .: pectoralis minor)
Covered by the major, the pectoralis minor assures the shoulder movement diagonally from front to back. It is also part of the respiratory muscles.

The importance of the chest muscles with respect to the intervertebral discs within the thoracic spine area.

The chest muscles play a crucial role in the treatment and prevention of herniated discs in the thoracic spine.


Permanent, one-sided stress on the chest muscles such as with swimmers or unequal job-related exposure (slouching in office, monotonous crafts) can cause a “hunchback”! This is a twist in the thoracic region of your spine which strains the intervertebral discs. This eventually may lead to herniated discs in this area of your spine.

Apart from a conscious posture in work and everyday life, the ideal prevention of a herniated disc is a uniform training programme which targets the chest muscles, rotator cuff, and posterior shoulder muscles.

Depending on your spinal position, changing weight to target different muscle groups should be observed while training. For example, if you notice that your shoulders hang down slightly. Then the main focus of training should be on your shoulder muscles (rotator cuff).


This publication is merely an interpretation and is not a substitute for a medical examination or consultation. This declaration does not replace a physical therapist in the prevention or rehabilitation of injuries.


1. Training

The best and most effective exercises for the chest muscles are:

  • Push ups: Functional training which activates several chest muscles therefore kick-starting your metabolism.

  • Negative bench press angle: Basic Exercise; a crucial compound activity which activates other muscles and has a positive effect on hormone balance.

  • Cable Crossover: Incredible exercise to stimulate your chest muscles with enough complexity to build structure.


2. Nutrition

Establish a nutrient-dense diet. Before going to bed, a slow-digesting protein such as low fat cottage cheese is a great way to support muscle regeneration over night.

Healthy fats such as olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, walnut oil and flaxseed oil promote fat metabolism, and are instrumental in the cell reproduction. These fats are also essential for hormone production.

3. Recreation

After the resulting "soreness" in training, muscles need time to repair. Some muscles rise to prepare for the next unit. The next training stimulus should follow only after this point where the muscle has regenerated. This is the principle of super compensation.

A rough guide to conquer muscle soreness:
Example: Monday was an intense training session. Tuesday and Wednesday are drawn by soreness. On Thursday, the discomfort is almost gone. The next training stimulus should therefore follow on Friday.

The following fitness equipment provide optimum opportunities for an impressive and effective chest workout:

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force Extreme

Training Tip: Using the varied cable guide positioning of the Bio Force for chest presses allows you to define your chest muscles more specifically and efficiently.

more details

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 2500

Butterfly - Isolated chest muscle training, which is ideal to push your body to the limit and to burn off energy. Maximal growth stimulations can be achieved by increasing the intensity.

more details

HAMMER Weight Bench Solid XP with 76 kg Dumbbell Set (Ø 30 mm)

Training Tip: bench press! Lower lying on the bench press, the barbell twice as slowly as you stretch your arms again. The negative impact is very effective.

more details

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 6600

Training tip: This exercise is one good way to build your upper back effectively into a broad V-shape. Use the latissimus bar to perform lat pull-downs either to the back of your neck or to your chest.

more details

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