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Six pack

Hammer six pack

Six pack

Hardly any part of the body is so admired as the six pack of a man – for both sexes alike! The six pack is the final refining stage and THE symbol of male fitness. The condition of the midsection can be easily read as how important sport, appearance and health for that person is.

The six pack is not only desirable, but also an essential core element for the body. Together with the back muscles the abdominal muscles act like a corset, which protects the spine against harmful influences. This is not only the best prevention for typical back pain, but also the basis for a more upright, more athletic and a “very manly attitude”..

Do you like football or tennis?

A strong midsection helps excel in all sports. If the core is stable, the body can build more strength in the extremities. The body serves as a load bearing area for the extremities and so helps to control this. In this function, the six pack is essential for any kind of sport and should really not be neglected!

The road to a successful six pack: Define your abdominal muscles and melt excess fat.

Where is my six pack?

The good news is, everyone has a six pack! Sometimes it is just hiding away under a layer of fat. Just like every human has arm and leg muscles, you already have stomach muscles. Depending on the strength of your abdominal muscles or the fat content this is sometimes not visible. Even under 15% of body fat a six pack is visible.

Proper nutrition

Despite all the hereditary factors that might complicate the definition of your abs, try to keep to one rule: If you exert more energy than consumed, slowly your body fat percentage will shrink. Experts talk of a negative energy balance, which then has to be compensated for in the reduction of its fat energy deposits (your love handles). What are your daily calorie needs? This can easily be calculated with our calorie calculator. Your body fat reduction mechanism kicks into gear and the pounds will start falling off. It is however important for you to persevere and don’t give up so quickly.

To get a six pack


Work out your abdominal muscles:

Either you can exercise at home without any fitness equipment or use an Ab Trainer for various exercises. Ab Trainers and machines have the advantage that they provide optimum movement and protect against improper loading and over straining. With two types of abdominal trainers, you can effectively train straight and lateral abdominal muscles and keep your abdominal muscles fit. More information about abs can be found here.

Nearly just as important: Work on your fatburning!

Mix cardio training into your abdominal workout - Use a crosstrainer or go cycling. Endurance training consumes a lot of calories and helps you to achieve a negative energy balance.

Cardio training has been proven to strengthen large muscle groups such as legs, buttocks and the back. Calories are not only burned during a workout but in the long term higher muscle mass uses more energy both during and after a workout. According to experts, per kilo muscle mass additionally burns 25-50 kilo-calories per day. Shrink fat even after your workout!

Take action, pay attention to your diet and lose fat with the correct training at home. Your six pack is just a little hard work away!

The following training machines provide optimum opportunities to train your six pack:

FINNLO by HAMMER AB & Back Trainer

Personal training tip: Diagonal Negative-Crunches – Start your crunch on the inclined bench. At the end of the crunch direct your elbow to the knee on the other side. So the vertical and straight abs will be activated. While doing this on the negatively inclined bench you will boost and intensify your training effects.

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HAMMER AB-Roller Abdominal Trainer

Personal training tip: Exercise with few repetitions only, but very slow. So the inner abdominal wall will be coupled with the muscles making your stomach more flat.

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FINNLO by HAMMER AB-Dominox Abdominal Trainer

Training tip: The Powerbelt on the ab trainer frame makes more exercise variations possible. Put your finger into the loop and just let your abdominal muscles do the work, without the support of your arms.

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FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Technum

Training tip: In order to bring your Abs to light, the overlying fat on your stomach must first be reduced. Regular endurance training will burn the pounds. This is most effective by going for long runs for more than half an hour.

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