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Back training is important! Long meetings in the office, hours in front of the computer, stress in the family - for many people the stress of everyday life unfolds in joint and back pain. Most experience the pain in their cross section however, complaints of the shoulder and lumbar region are widespread. Sometimes the pain has disappeared after a few days but for those of you who do not spend their working day on the sofa or sitting around will suffer longer.

In Germany, approximately one in ten adults is affected by chronic lower back pain. Often reoccurring attacks of pain are rarely diagnosed as a serious condition. 90% of people with back pain experience this pain due to “protesting muscles”! With the proper back training these muscles will grow stronger and therefore target back pain discomfort.

With age, spinal structures weaken and slowly wear out. Worn spinal discs, vertebrae and joints slowly lose their ability to withstand external pressures. The deep back muscles, loin muscles and hips have to help and take over this daily burden. If these muscles are untrained and weak, individual muscles tense up and harden. Neck, lumbar or lower back pain is unfortunately the agonizing result.

Prevent weakening muscles and avoid back pain. With regular back exercises and taking simple measures in everyday life, you are on your way to a strong muscular back.

The five cornerstones of back training

The main objective when back training is to strengthen the functional back muscles, so that it can withstand the monotonous conditions in everyday life. The back muscle consists of many different muscles that generally define overall back health and should therefore be strengthened. The five most important areas of an effective and health-promoting back training are:

  • whole-body strengthening and stabilization
  • strengthening of the abdominal muscles
  • strengthening the back muscles
  • exercising the lower back muscles
  • lateral inclination, thereby strengthening the flanks

Performing at least one set for each of these exercise areas daily will keep your back healthy and stable for a long time. Here are two exercises for your back workout at home:

Exercise 1: Get down onto all fours. Stretch out your right leg and left arm and then bring them back to your chest. Switch arms and legs and repeat the exercise about 10 times.

Exercise 2 Advanced: Lay down on your back with your legs stretched out. Lift yourself up using your elbows and the heels of your feet for support. Your body should form a line. Raise your buttocks upwards in a slow movement. Hold for at least 15 seconds and repeat the exercise 5 times.

There are also various fitness equipment by FINNLO HAMMER which optimize a strong back and combat pain. The back trainer TRICON by FINNLO trains back muscles and can be stowed away to save space at home. The Ab and Back trainer not only strengthens back and abdominal muscles but also the entire core.

Think about your back every day!

Back training is not only important for every day life, but also the proper conduct and practice as well.

Sit correctly: Are you one of those people who do your work in a stationary or seated position? Then you should pay particular attention to this article! Obtain the correct chair, the best one has a movable backrest and can be easily adjusted in height. Characterize your sitting position and allow your back more freedom of movement. Of course, the correct seating position is important - the famous 90 degree angle should be your main focus. With this, your calves and thighs are at a right angle to your abdomen. Change your sitting position regularly and try standing up while taking phone calls, change is the key word here.

Lift things up in a “back-friendly fashion”: Always lift heavy objects with a straight back and tense your muscles muscles just before your lift. Proceed upwards with the squat position to relieve back strain. Otherwise, the pressure arising between the vertebras will press its way out and damage the spinal discs in your back.

Proper sleeping: Even at night, you should never forget your back - a comfortable position and relaxed sleep are very important. Discard old and lumpy mattresses and purchase a new one, so your spine remains as straight as possible during your sleep. Although many people think, their old mattress is the best ever for sleep, it is often a massive cause of bad posture.

The following fitness machines provide optimum opportunities for back training exercises:

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi-Lat-Tower

Training Tip: Latissimus pull with a wide grip - The Lat Tower is special designed for Latissimus exercises and thus perfect for back exercises. Squeeze your shoulder blades at the end position of the pull-down to address all the muscle fibers.

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 2600

Training tip: back training like in the gym! The isolated back workout, which is ideal for muscle building and prevention of back pain. The intensity is adjustable according to the power level. The back is trained and strengthened to meet the demands of everyday life.

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 1500

Training tip: This is a typical lat pull exercise. Sitting in an upright position, fix your thighs under the leg pads, slightly bend your upper body forward and hold the lat pull bar so that your arms and elbow are at a 90° angle (optimum grip width). Pull the bar down until it reaches your neck, keep your elbows slightly bent throughout the movement. Caution: Exhale when pulling down.

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FINNLO by HAMMER Tricon Back Trainer

Training Tip: Erector spinae - Slowly bend and stretch, keeping your back straight and holding your head in line with your spine. Caution: Don’t bend back upright too quickly; use a smooth and controlled motion. Vary the back stretch with different arm positions (eg cross over his chest, fold in the neck, stretched out over their heads) to increase the intensity of the back training.

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