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Hammer Boxing


Boxing set SKU: 92073

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HAMMER BOXING Pro Boxing Set 5.0 5 2
  • Boxing set for an introduction to boxing at home.
  • Fit punching bag: 60 cm length.
  • 1 pair of boxing gloves: size 8 oz.
  • Incl. swivel that allows for a safe and stable hanging of the punching bag.
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The HAMMER boxing set pro provides everything you need to start your boxing training in the comfort of your own home. The FIT punching bag, made out of heavy-duty and washable quality nylon, is 60cm long. The 8oz boxing gloves made out of skin-friendly PU material will win you over with their comfortable cushioning and are also suitable for harder punch combinations. The stitched on thumbs protect against sprains and the air holes help absorb sweat. „HAMMER boxing set "PRO"- The perfect beginner set a boxing studio in the comfort of your own home!

Boxing can have the following results:

  • Improved coordination and punching power
  • Improved endurance and condition
  • Muscle build-up, in particular the upper body muscles such as the shoulder, biceps, triceps and back
  • Development of an attractive V-shape and a strong, muscular upper body

The most important product information:

Punching bag:

  • 60cm durable tearproof nylon punching bag
  • Double stitching for more durability
  • Robust workmanship
  • Solid filling material for realistic sparring training
  • Premium zipper
  • 4 chrome-plated steel chains and stable mount made out of quality steel
  • Swivel for realistic evasive maneuver that keeps mounting from twisting
  • Color: red


  • One pair of 8oz boxing gloves, perfect for working with the punching bag
  • Sweat-resistant material
  • Ergonomic comfort
  • The cushioning does not move at the point of impact
  • Odor-resistant inner material
  • Integrated air holes
  • Stitched, strengthened thumbs that prevent sprained wrists
  • Color: red

Boxing is the ideal sport for working your entire body and staying fit. Almost all of your muscle groups are worked, and your cardiovascular system is stimulated and strengthened. Boxing is a lot of fun. In addition to strength and endurance, boxing also trains your coordination, reaction, and speed. Like with other sports, a lot in boxing depends on your equipment. "Good material" means a "good workout", good protection, and a lot of fun while working out.

Not everyone has the time or desire to go to a boxing studio. A punching bag in your own home is the perfect alternative for training your coordination and punching technique. A workout with the punching bag increases endurance and the power of your punch. The benefit of having a punching bag is that it is very similar to working with a human opponent. You can practice all of the punch variations and combinations that you always wanted to try.

With the HAMMER Pro boxing set, you have the best equipment for getting started right with your boxing training. Tip: It is important that your boxing gloves properly encircle your wrists in order to provide the maximum amount of protection. We recommend tightening the Velcro after working out for a few minutes. In terms of harder training intervals, we recommend wrapping our wrists with additional bandages.

Set your watch for three to four minutes. This is how long each round will last. Start your workout with light kicks and punches on the punching bag. Imagine yourself fighting against a real opponent. Keep your head covered and avoid the swinging punching bag with evasive maneuvers. Try to working with the punching bag for at least four rounds (each 3-4 minutes).

You should get used to the following sequences of movement and punching techniques over time: starting position, sidestep, forward/backward movement, double coverage, evasive maneuver, left, straight, right straight, left upper cut, left hook to the body, left hook to the head, right, right uppercut, right hook to the body, right hook to the head. The exact description of these sequences of movement and technique can be found on our home page

Additional Information

Label Hammer Boxing
Delivery time 14-21 workdays
Dimensions Length of the punching bag: 60 cm, Size: 8oz
Material bag: Nylon
gloves: synthetic leather
Weight 14.5 kg
Features / Additional Equipment Boxing set comprised of 1 punching bag, 1 pair of boxing gloves
Punching bag: made of robust and durable nylon
Boxing gloves: Pre-warped cushioning, ergonomic fit, stitched on thumbs, air holes, Velcro fastener to stabilize the wrist
Incl. 4 chrome-plated steel chains and swivel


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