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HAMMER Exercise Bike Cardio T2

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HAMMER Exercise Bike Cardio T2

Exercise Bike SKU: 4850

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HAMMER Exercise Bike Cardio T2 5.0 5 3
  • Manual resistance setting via knob.
  • Horizontal and vertical saddle positioning, and adjustable handlebar angle.
  • Ca. 6 kg Flywheel mass, transport rollers and adjustable feet.
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  • Brake systemPermanent magnet
  • Flywheel massapprox. 6 kg
  • Control optionsPulse, Manual
  • Max. body weight100 kg

HAMMER Exercise Bike Cardio T2

HAMMER Cardio T2 - Your ideal start for endurance training
Compact and effective, Cardio T2 is the ideal piece of cardio equipment for endurance training at home. In contrast to ergometers, exercise bike have a manual resistance setting which you can use to define your own resistance easily. The workout is not only extremely easy on the joints, it also promotes your fitness and health in myriad ways.
Home training keeps you fit and full of vitality

  • Optimises the cardiovascular system
  • Reduces fatty tissue
  • Strengthens leg and butt muscles
  • Improves your shape, fitness and overall condition

HAMMER Cardio T2 Exercise Bike - Technology and equipment
A silent belt drive powers the Cardio T2. The resistance is regulated by a permanent magnetic brake system, which is set manually. A 6 kg flywheel mass and quality ball bearing complete the high-quality technical features. A training computer with easy to read LCD display conveniently shows all of your important workout data: distance, time, calories burned, speed, steps per minute, and pulse.

Pulse limit and recovery heart rate measurement
Heart rate control is possible thanks to the hand pulse sensors. For targeted and efficient training, the Cardio T2 has a training mode with individual maximum pulse limit that shows you your personal fitness mark and recovery capacity after the exercise unit. The saddle can be positioned in multiple directions to fit your individual body size. The integrated transport rollers make it easy to move the Cardio T2 throughout the room. Adjustable legs provide optimal stability even on uneven floors.

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Item No. 4850  Exercise Bike Cardio T2

Hammer Exercise Bike Cardio T2 Effective start in cardio training, manual intensity settings in 8 different levels, and proven permanent magnetic brake system For beginners, the exercise bike is the ideal piece of endurance equipment to get yourself into shape. Exercise bikes work with an index switch or manual resistance setting. This way, the resistance is clearly defined and the levels can be set easily.

You will feel the positive effects of cardio training with the Cardio T2 after just a few weeks. Your cardiovascular system will improve and your circulatory system activities will become more efficient (e.g., lowering your resting heart rate and blood pressure, etc.). At the same time, you will strengthen your leg muscles and ensure optimised blood flow and nourishment for your joints, tendons and ligaments, which will be kept healthy and stable through exercise. The Cardio T2 Exercise Bike is also ideal for losing weight. The moderate exercise form achieves high calorie burning potential that contributes to reducing fat and body weight.

The HAMMER Cardio T2 is the ideal entry-level Exercise Bike Proven drive and brake systems
Hammer Exercise Bike Cardio T2

HAMMER relied on its proven drive and brake technology for the Cardio T2 Exercise Bike. A high-quality belt drive powers the Cardio T2 Exercise Bike and is supported by quality ball bearings and a 6-kg flywheel mass. This allows you to keep an extremely smooth, pleasant motion. The resistance is regulated by a permanent magnetic brake system, which guarantees a precise and even form of exercise.

The resistance regulation is dependent on the RPM and can be set at up to 8 levels. The resistance setting is done manually and can be supplemented wonderfully through various training types.

Targeted training with pulse control
Hammer Exercise Bike Cardio T2

In order to ensure that you keep within the correct metabolism range and train efficiently over the entire length of time, your heart rate can be monitored by the HAMMER Cardio T2. Pulse measurement takes place via the integrated hand pulse sensors located on the handles in a comfortable position.

Further, the performance monitor on the Cardio T2 shows the following training info:

  • Distance (metres and kilometres)
  • Time (seconds, minutes, hours)
  • Calories burned
  • Speed
  • Step frequency
  • Resistance and Intensity
  • Pulse
Design and adjustment options
Hammer Exercise Bike Cardio T2

The HAMMER Cardio T2 was designed in sporty white and black, which allows the exercise bike to fit in perfectly with any home decor.

In order to adjust the Cardio T2 Exercise Bike to fit any body size, there are numerous position adjustments possible on the fitness machine. The saddle can be positioned in multiple vertical positions, and the angle of the handles can be adjusted.. The pedals are equipped with adjustable foot straps, which provide a secure hold for different shoe sizes.

Hammer Exercise Bike Cardio T2

With space-saving dimensions of 90 x 47 x 135 cm (L x H x W) and a low weight of just 23 kg, the Cardio T2 Exercise Bike is easy to transport at home. Integrated transport rollers allow you to move it about without straining your back. Two adjustable caps balance out uneven floors.


HAMMER Cardio T2 Training Tips:

As a beginner, always try to exercise between 30 and 45 minutes. After 30 minutes, fat burning becomes the dominant source of energy, which allows you to effectively burn off subcutaneous fatty tissue. To do this, set the resistance on your Cardio T2 Exercise Bike on a low level and increase it only high enough that at least 30 minutes of workout time is possible. 2-3 exercise units per week are ideal in the beginning. Bit by bit, you can increase the time, then the frequency, and finally the intensity of your cardio training.

Facts & overview
Hammer Exercise Bike Cardio T2

The HAMMER Cardio T2 Exercise Bike is the ideal beginner model to begin effective and controlled cardio training at home. You are completely independent of weather and time, and can knock out an intensive workout during your favourite TV show.

The circular motion is not only very easy on your joints, it also improves your fitness and health in multiple ways.

  • Makes your cardiovascular system more efficient
  • Reduces your body weight
  • Strengthens your leg muscles
  • Maintains healthy joints, ligaments and tendons
  • Improves your recovery and resting ability

The Cardio T2 from HAMMER offers 8 resistance levels, which you can adjust manually. An easy-to-use training computer with LCD display keeps all of the relevant info ready for you. The proven permanent magnetic brake system, belt drive and quality ball bearings provide smooth operation.

You can also do pulse-controlled exercises with the integrated hand pulse sensors on the Cardio T2. This form of exercise is extremely efficient because you never leave your individual metabolic zone, giving you the best possible benefits from your workout.

Numerous saddle position adjustments round out the extensive features. The dimensions measure 90 x 47 x 135 cm (L x W x H).

Product details for the Cardio T2 Exercise Bike
  • Exercise bike with high-quality magnetic brake system and whisper-quiet belt drive for especially even motion
  • Premium training computer with 7 permanent displays
  • Displays distance, time, calories burned, speed, steps per minute, and pulse.
  • Manual index switch for 8 levels
  • Hand pulse measurement
  • Integrated transport rollers
  • Adjustable feet for balance
  • Horizontal and vertical saddle positioning and angle adjustment for the handles
  • Ca. 6 kg Flywheel mass
  • Force ratio 1:8
  • Resistance control: RPM-dependent
  • Power supply: Batteries
  • Max. allowable body weight: 100 kg
  • Colour: white/black

Additional Information

Colour white/black
Weight 28 Kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 92 x 55 x 116 cm
Features / Additional Equipment Training computer with 7 functions, hand pulse measurement and 6 permanent displays
Approx. 6 kg flywheel mass, transport rollers and height-adjustable feet
Drive system Belt driven
Braking system Permanent magnet
Resistance adjustment Manual
Load spectrum 8 Steps
Load control RPM dependent
Flywheel mass 6 kg
Gear transmission ratio 1:8
Freewheel Yes
Computer LCD-Display
Computer display Distance / Time / Speed / Calorie consumption / RPM / Pulse
Permanent display 1+5
User 1
Pulse Handpulse
Integrated pulse receiver for chest belts No
Lower / Upper pulse limit Upper pulse limit adjustable
Saddle / seat Gel Saddle
Integrated transportation rollers Yes
Power supply Battery
Max. body weight 100 kg
Delivery time 14-21 workdays


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  • The delivery takes 14-21 workdays
  • Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)
  • Delivery directly from the manufacturer
  • Return for free

Complaints & Service

The return is free! In case of a return, we ask you to contact us previously by mail or phone so we can arrange the pick up for you.

In case you have any trouble with our equipement feel free to contact us. We will take care of it immediately.

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HAMMER Exercise Bike Cardio T2 Customer reviews: 3 Average rating: 5.0 of 5.0 stars

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Fair price, fast delivery, easy assembly, first impression: absolutely positive

After searching for a long time I decided to buy this machine, as it met my demands fully and because the price was convincing.
The machine was delivered very quickly and what was particularly great is that I was informed about the delivery status at all times.
With two people the assembly went pretty quickly.
At first sight, the stable machine gives a great impression.
The first "excursions" confirmed that I had made the right choice!!

von Gerd am 26/11/2014
Very good product

We are very happy, fast assembly (45 minutes) and until now everything is perfect

von Bettina am 09/08/2013

Great machine, would order it again

von Juergen am 17/07/2013

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