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FINNLO by HAMMER Barbell Training Station

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FINNLO by HAMMER Barbell Training Station

Training station SKU: 3866

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FINNLO by HAMMER Barbell Training Station 4.5 5 14
  • Solid Barbell Training Station
  • 14 vertical and 6 horizontal adjustment options
  • Suitable for various exercises
  • Handles up to 200 kg
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FINNLO by HAMMER Barbell Training Station

The superior barbell training station offers 14 different height settings and 6 width settings making it perfect for loads of exercises such as bench presses and squats. Offering widths adjustable between 73 and 117 cm, the barbell training station is also a good place to set your Olympic size bars. The training station easily holds 200 kg.

Optional accessories:

- FINNLO incline bench:The FINNLO incline bench features a separate seat and backrest that can be adjusted to 3 and 6 positions, respectively, for perfect ergonomics. The backrest can be set up to 90 degrees. With a maximum capacity of 250 kg, FINNLO’s incline bench is optimally suited for weightlifters.

- HAMMER 76 kg Dumbbell Set With our differently sized cement-filled weights you can always train at the right intensity. The set comes with 4 x 10kg, 2 x 5kg, 4 x 2.5 kg, 2 x 1.25kg and 2 x 0.5kg plates, all painted black, for a total of 62.5 kg that can be secured to the lifting bar. The supplied six clip locks hold the weight plates safe in right position.

We recommend the following accessories:

3866 FINNLO Barbell Training Station

Adjustable, solid, compact, durable.
Finnlo Barbell Training Station

A stable and sturdy training surface is essential when doing barbell exercises. The FINNLO Barbell Training Station adjusts to 14 vertical and 6 horizontal positions. That makes it easy to put your barbell station into position for knee curls after your bench presses. With a width of 73-168 cm, even Olympic barbells can be stacked. The barbell training station holds up to 200 kg without a problem.

Training with the FINNLO Barbell Training Station allows you to strengthen, define, and tone your entire body:

Maintain, build and strengthen

  • Chest muscles
  • Arm muscles
  • Shoulder and upper back muscles
  • Lower back muscles
  • Gluteus
  • Leg and butt muscles


FINNLO Barbell Training Station – the all-rounder Stable and flexible

The FINNLO Barbell Training Station's flexibility and stability provide for varied and secure barbell training:

  • Bench adjusts to 14 positions
  • Frame adjusts to 6 horizontal positions up to 168 cm.
  • Handles up to maximal 200kg
  • Can be combined with the FINNLO incline bench and FINNLO 73 kg barbell and dumbbell set
Space-saving, compact design

The FINNLO Barbell Training station fits into any room and offers total training for your whole body. It's the ultimate base equipment to get to your defined and muscular body. You can combine barbell and dumbbell exercises for perfect results that train the entire body.


Training tips
Finnlo Barbell Training Station

Always be sure to start your exercise with light weight and proper form. You should always devote full concentration when doing free weight exercises. This applies to both beginners and advanced users.

Whether you want to train your endurance or strengthen depends on the weight and repetitions. Beginners should start by learning the proper technique with low to medium weight. 15-20 repetitions in three sets is good to start with. Advanced users can increase the weight and do 8-12 repetitions per set. Advanced users who want muscle growth can increase the weight until they can only do 6 to 8 repetitions per set. Make your breaks long enough so that you feel ready to hit the next set and can execute all repetitions with proper technique. About 60 seconds is a good measure. Later, you can experiment with break times as well as weight, repetitions and sets.

To ensure progress, you should note the following progression. First increase the number of training sessions per week, then the number of exercises, and then the intensity. Once you've adapted, increase the number of sets per exercise (e.g., from three to five) and then increase the number up reps in each set (e.g., from 8 to 10). By varying the exercises and choosing different weights, you can challenge your muscles in new ways. If you want even more challenge, then you can turn to advanced body building principles.

You can perform the following exercises with the FINNLO Barbell Training Station:

  • upper body/arms: bench presses, overhead presses, tricep presses, bicep curls, front pulls, rows, high pulls, muscle snatch, pull-ups on the resting barbell
  • Lower back: dead lift
  • Leg/butt muscles: squats, lunges, calf raises

Facts and summary

Weight lifters and athletes benefit from whole-body barbell training on the FINNLO Barbell Training Station. You can train specific muscle groups as well as train your entire body.

Safety, stability, many vertical and horizontal adjustments, and a timeless, classic design distinguish the FINNLO Barbell Training Station and its functions. From classic exercises like bench presses and squats to countless other exercises, you can train all of the muscles in your body. The FINNLO Barbell Training Station is perfect for athletic, body shaping, and performance-oriented training.

Important product information:
  • Stable hold and grip during barbell-training
  • 14 vertical adjustments
  • 6 horizontal adjustments
  • Exercises for the entire body: Upper body, butt, leg muscles
  • Can be combined with the FINNLO incline bench and FINNLO 73 kg barbell and dumbbell set
  • Detailed exercise manual
  • Colour: anthracite/silver
  • The weights shown are not included!
  • Maximum capacity 200 kg
  • Dimensions: (L) 90 cm x (W) 80-115 cm x (H) 91-167 cm

Additional Information

Features / Additional Equipment Incline bench and weight set are not included
Maximum load Max. load capacity 200 kg
Bars and weights included No
Multiple adjustable barbell rack Yes
Bench press Yes
Training possibilities Benchpress, Butterfly, squats, backsquats, Curl variations,
Weight 1
Max. body weight 250 kg (body weight and weights used)
Build up size (L x W x H) 90 x 80-115 x 91-167 cm
Delivery time 14-21 workdays


  • Free delivery to most of Mainland UK
  • Your order will be delivered immediately after we received your payment
  • The delivery takes 14-21 workdays
  • Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)
  • Delivery directly from the manufacturer
  • Return for free

Complaints & Service

The return is free! In case of a return, we ask you to contact us previously by mail or phone so we can arrange the pick up for you.

In case you have any trouble with our equipement feel free to contact us. We will take care of it immediately.

  • Benchpress
  • Butterfly
  • squats
  • backsquats
  • Curl variations

Customer reviews for this product

FINNLO by HAMMER Barbell Training Station Customer reviews: 14 Average rating: 4.5 of 5.0 stars

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Great tool

I already had the Finnlo weight bench, so the next logical step was to buy the training station. Because the weight bench is great! So far the training station is good, I don't have a comparison. It's easy to assemble, fulfils its purpose and has a high quality. It does shake a little, but this cannot be prevented because of the construction and assembly. If I can criticise something I would say that the arm rest was not done very well on my training station, but this doesn't affect the safety of it. Also, two screws for the floor protector were missing, but that's not really worth mentioning. The price is a little too high for Switzerland; I would have expected a little more goodwill from the head office in Germany. However, the service and courtesy in the Zurich shop were great!

von Ronin am 10/11/2014
Great product****

I can - again - absolutely recommend this product! The quality is top-notch and it's easy to assemble. Regarding the packaging I have to agree with another buyer: they should really improve this! The shipping company had to reinforce all of the cartons...

von Linus am 09/07/2014
Definite purchasing recommendation

High-quality product for an interesting price.
Stable and optically appealing overall impression, so that I can recommend this product.
Judging from the packaging (carton) I didn't think it had survived the shipping without any damage (I ordered online) - but fortunately it did! There is lots of room for improvement here.

von Ules am 01/04/2014
show all
very satisfied

I have nothing to complain about, very good workmanship and quality.

von moinmoin am 13/03/2014
Overall it is a good product.

Regarding the workmanship it's a good product for a good price. However, they really need to improve the packaging, especially for the shipping. The thin carton they use is not suitable for shipping. Some of the strappings fell off etc., so I only give 4 of 5 stars.

von vitscho am 06/11/2013
great investment

Quality: Compared to the cheap products from many other mail-order businesses, the investment in the Hammer barbell training station was well worth it. All of the parts have a high quality and the station not only looks stable, it also is stable. There is no wobbling when putting down a barbell with heavy weights.

Price: As already said above, great value for money! Definitely worth the investment, also when looking to the future.

Service: Fast delivery and they even carried the heavy parcel all the way to the front door in spite of the long stairway.

Bottom line: All in all I'm very happy and can definitely recommend this product.

von Alex am 16/10/2013
Great advice and service

This is what relaxed shopping looks like for me: Great advice in the shop and the service was incredible. Where else do the shop assistants load your shopping into the car and offer you a coffee while waiting?
We were told about the advantages and disadvantages of the machines and I was also able to try out various machines.

Thank you to the team in Munich, I'd happily buy from them again!

von robde am 16/09/2013
Great quality.....but

After I had previously bought a very good multi-gym here I also wanted some proper equipment for barbell training.
Unfortunately I didn't read the text all the way to the end and thought the weight bench was included.
Pay close attention to the texts, because the images suggest that it's all included.

Surely Hammer doesn't need to do this... or does it?

Anyone who does this makes potential customers look elsewhere on the web, and there are plenty of competitors.

Kind regards

Frank from Cologne

von Frank am 05/09/2013

This training station is perfect. I bought it 2 months ago and it still handles everyday use very well.

von Michi am 05/08/2013
Great multi-trainer

Great piece of equipment for people who like to train with free weights. You feel like you're at the gym, the versatility is enormous and the whole construction is nice and stable. The weight bench has the same level of quality and is the perfect supplement for the machine. Working out with all the variants is great.

von Daniel H. am 05/08/2013
Finnlo barbell training station

The best machine around for use at home!
Bench press flat, at an incline, neck press, squats, everything is possible!

von Puncher am 05/08/2013
Stable, yes, but...

The barbell training station is a robust piece of equipment which also allows you to work out properly with weights above 100 kg if you use additional padding to protect the back. Otherwise you quickly get bruises because the frame pushes hard against the back.
But I'm happy with this product and definitely recommend this machine with its price-performance ratio.

von Peter am 05/07/2013
Stable training station with a robust design

I decided to purchase this training station because it is nicely manufactured, is stable, flexible (height and width adjustment) and can handle vigorous exercise. It also has an excellent price-performance ratio. My main reason to buy, however, was the square tube, because I mounted the two barbell rests of my old, smaller training station onto this training station as a lower safety rest so that I can also work out with heavy weights when I'm on my own. It was delivered within 2 days and the advice I got on the telephone helpline was excellent. I can definitely recommend Hammer - they are the bomb!

von Ulli am 15/04/2013
A barbell training station which I can definitely recommend for any ambitious bench presser.

Dear Hammer team,

As a previous professional bench presser who wants to have another go at it at an advanced age I was a little sceptical at first regarding workout equipment for home use. After spending a lot of time searching for the right equipment I finally decided to buy the Finnlo barbell training station (with an adjustable weight bench) - and was positively surprised.
The stable construction of the training station, the ability to change the height and width of the barbell rest (training with a 200 cm rod), and the adjustable weight bench (incline, front and neck press) have totally convinced me.
In short: The Finnlo barbell training station is not your average wobbly machine - but rather a robust piece of equipment that also allows you to exercise properly even with heavy weights (100 kg and much more).
I am very satisfied and can recommend this product to any ambitious bench presser.

von Wolfe am 25/01/2013

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