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Rowing machine

Rowing is the perfect way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and increase your level of fitness. Hardly any other sport simultaneously trains all main muscle groups so effectively, evenly, and in a joint-friendly manner. This makes the rowing machine the perfect fitness machine for your home.

Rowing trains over 90% of the muscle groups. The back side of the thighs, calves, upper and lower back and shoulders are worked when you slide forward on the rowing machine, while the thighs, stomach, shoulders, upper and lower back, triceps, biceps, and buttocks are worked when you slide back. Depending on how high the resistance is set on the rowing machine, you can work on your condition, endurance, or muscle strength. This means that if you want to build up muscle with a rowing machine, you need to be sure that the resistance is relatively high. In contrast to rowingon water, with a rowing machine you can effectively train any time of the year, even in winter. The rowing machine's resistance can be individually set, which is something else you cannot do while exercising on a bike. For years, the rowing machine has been one of the best sports machines used to prevent back pains and strengthen the back musculature. However, you should always first consult a doctor or physical therapist if you have chronic back pains. Your cardiovascular system is always well trained with a rowing machine, and your muscles are optimally defined.

Exercising with a rowing machine

This is how an optimal training sequence might look when rowing.

  • Rowing on a rowing machine works 90% of your musculature. We recommend a five-minute stretching program prior to starting your training session on the rowing machine. This is optimal prevention against injuries and muscle aches.
  • Then, start your training session on your rowing machine. You should first row for approximately five minutes with a high resistance. It should be selected in such a way that you are not yet tired out after the five minutes.
  • Row for an additional five minutes with a lower resistance to loosen yourself up and to prepare for the main sequence of your rowing machine training session.
  • During the main training sequence you should exercise for at least 15 minutes on the rowing machine's middle to high resistance level.
  • Set your rowing machine's resistance to a lower level during your cool-down and row in a leisurely manner for about 5 - 10 minutes. Stretch after your rowing session to avoid muscle aches.

Professionals buy FINNLO by HAMMER

Urs Käufer and Maximilian Reinelt, successful German rowers on the Deutschland-Achter Team and in four-man competitions, put in a lot of intense preparation for their competitions on the FINNLO Rower Aquon Pro rowing machine. They participated in the 2012 Olympic Games in London and fought for a medal. Urs Käufer says, "With the Aquon Pro professional rowing machine from FINNLO by HAMMER I don't always have to get in the water; instead, I have the option of training dry. The movement quality and workmanship of the Aquon Pro rowing machine is excellent! Training with it is a lot of fun. The extremely low pedal distance - 9cm - is crucial for optimal training ergonomics and corresponds to the reality of training on a professional boat."

What you should keep in mind when buying a rowing machine:

Pedal spacing:

The pedal distance on a rowing machine should be as low as possible. We pay special attention to this important layout detail in the product development phases for HAMMER and FINNLO by HAMMER rowing machines. The FINNLO Rower Aquon Pro and FINNLO Rower Aquon Pro Plus rowing machines have a pedal distance of just 9cm, making them two of the few professional rowing machines to do so. This also corresponds to the distance on a professional rowboat. Professional rowers such as Urs Käufer and Maximilian Reinelt also recommend the Aquon Pro FINNLO rowing machine (link:

Training computer:

The computer on a rowing machine should be placed in such a way that you can easily read the training data while you row. Often the display is too far away from your head, and the computer displays are too small on many of the rowing machines on the market. The rowing machine HAMMER Cobra XTR makes it very easy to read training data. The patented board computer on the HAMMER rowing machine moves with the whole rowing motion the entire time. The training data from the rowing machine is always in an optimal visual range.

The FINNLO Aquon rowing series distinguishes itself with a large, clearly arranged computer display that can be adjusted in terms of the training angle. The blue backlighting transforms a training session on the Aquon rowing machine into a real training experience, especially in dark rooms. The simple operability of the computers goes without saying on all HAMMER and FINNLO by HAMMER rowing machine models. There are 12 resistance programs on the rowing machine FINNLO Aquon Pro that ensure a varied rowing program. An additional competition program in which an individual can have a rowing race against the computer makes this rowing machine model particularly interesting for those with ambitious rowing goals. There are a total of five different competition programs for the FINNLO Aquon Pro rowing machine model.

All rowing machines from FINNLO by HAMMER and HAMMER with magnet brake systems or air drag are equipped with a chest strap receiver. The heart rate data is wirelessly sent to the rowing machine's computer. If you would like to exercise in a health-oriented manner, the safest and best method of keeping an eye on your training heart rate while rowing is to take heart rate measurements via the chest strap.

Rowing machine resistance:

There are only two resistance programs that are recommended for rowing machines. Firstly, there is a system with extension arms, such as with the rowing machine HAMMER Cobra XT. Exercising on this type of rowing machine is similar to the rowing movement typically found on a rowboat. The rowing arms can move in three dimensions. Hydraulic cylinders can be used to smoothly regulate the resistance of these rowing machines.

The second rowing machine system works with a cable pull, and the resistance is generated via a magnet brake system or air drag. The person exercising pulls on a rowing handle that is connected to the cable pull. The advantage of exercising on this type of rowing device is that the movement is more or less predefined.

Premium rowing machines from the FINNLO by HAMMER brand – for example FINNLO Aquon XTR, FINNLO Aquon Pro, or FINNLO Aquon Pro Plus – work with the same combination of air and magnet resistance that professional rowers use. The air system simulates rowing on water in a way that is particularly realistic and makes you feel like you are really rowing on water. The resistance is generated via a fan wheel integrated into the system that keeps turning when there is movement. When you row on the rowing machine, you "row" into the rotating fan wheel and increase the effect. This is exactly how it is when you row on water: the "boat" is already moving forward, and you stick the rowing arm into the "water". The movement on the rowing machine is smooth and fluid and transforms rowing into a particularly dynamic sport. Thanks to the additional magnet brake system in this type of rowing machine, large amounts of resistance can also be applied even with low traction speed, just like moving against the current. In this way your rowing machine training sessions become even more varied and effective.


We recommend buying a foldable rowing machine. Exercising on a foldable rowing machine means the room you keep the rowing machine in can be used for other purposes when you aren't exercising. The integrated transport rollers allow you to effortlessly push the rowing machines in the FINNLO Aquon series around the room.

Rowing machine expert telephone service line

Are you spoilt for choice? Our rowing machine experts and product advisors are happy to give you all the support you need when it comes to making a choice about which rowing machine is perfect for you. Whether extension arms, magnet brake system or air drag, we will give you recommendations that suit your needs. Trust our many years of experience. Our product developers collaborate with professional rowers so that we can continue to further develop and improve our rowing machines.

Our rowing machine recommendation up to £ 300

Do you want to do something good for yourself and improve your health? Having your own rowing machine in the basement makes it possible for you to run through an optimal endurance and muscle building training session in the comfort of your own home. With extension arms and a multi-functional training computer that shows all important data on a clear display the HAMMER Rower Cobra rowing machine might be the right beginner rowing machine for you. The free, three-dimensional movement sequence is ideal for all those who learned how to row in a classic rowboat.

The foldable rowing machine HAMMER Rower Cobra XT is a real alternative with a cable pull system. Details such as a comfortable seat, a high-quality and smooth permanent brake system and an integrated computer display win over each and every rowing fan.

Our rowing machine recommendation up to £ 529.95

The HAMMER Rower Cobra XTR rowing machine has everything that an athletic rowing machine needs. Automatic resistance adjustment and numerous fitness programs allow you to create varied and professional workout sessions on your rowing machine. The HAMMER Cobra XTR rowing machine has an aluminium slide rail, a comfortable ball bearing seat and an integrated training computer; it can also be folded together once you are done working out.

Our rowing machine recommendation up to £ 899.00

The FINNLO Rower Aquon Evolution rowing machine is the classic in the FINNLO Aquon rowing machine series. With thousands sold, this model has proven its worth and received only the best evaluations. The compelling details: adjustable professional computer with blue backlighting, ergonomically shaped footrests, comfortable ball bearing seat, eleven fitness programs with automatic resistance adjustment and combined magnetic braking / air drag resistance technology. You can move the rowing machine around the room and save space thanks to the simple mechanism and integrated transport rollers.

Our rowing machine recommendation up to £ 1,119.00

The top products in the Aquon series! FINNLO Aquon Pro and Aquon Pro Plus rowing machines provide the best simulation of rowing on a professional boat. Professional rower and Olympic athlete Urs Käufer has confidence in the FINNLO Aquon Pro and prepares for his competitions with FINNLO Aquon Pro.

Here are some of the professional details: a low pedal distance of just 9cm, five pre-programmed competition distances, four heart rate programs. The Aquon Pro Plus also has an additional resistance adjustment in the handgrip so that you can set the intensity of your workout while you are in the middle of it. Both models are foldable and can be stored in a small space. The FINNLO Aquon Pro and FINNLO Aquon Pro Plus rowing machines are characterized by the high functionality and longevity of the materials used.

Rowing Machine


Rowing Machine

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