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HAMMER SPORT AG – 100 years of sports tradition

Hammer 100 Jahre Erfahrung Firma

For over 100 years HAMMER SPORT has been involved in the manufacture and sale of sports items. Everything started with the production of wooden tennis rackets and skis.

After the Second World War the manufacturer became the leading German ski manufacturer with significant innovations under the name "erbacher": The company built the first plastic ski in the world and was the second company world wide to develop and produce Howard Head-style metal skis. In 1960 Heidi Biebl won gold at Squaw Valley (USA) on "erbacher Grand Prix".

in 1982 HAMMER SPORT took over general distribution in Germany of the internationally renowned MIKASA balls (provides equipment for the Olympics, world and European championships). In 1984 a joint venture was launched with the then largest manufacturer of exercise machines, DP-Diversified Products. In 1989 HAMMER SPORT introduced an exercise machine program under the brand HAMMER and continued to develop it with innovative products and unique features. Today, HAMMER SPORT is one of the leader providers of fitness, health and leisure time products in Europe. In 1996 the sales program was successfully expanded to include HAMMER boxing and martial arts items.

In 1999 the company became a stock company - with the corresponding increase in capital - to keep up with growth and increased market significance.

In 2005 HAMMER SPORT introduced the premium FINNLO brand. Today FINNLO is "the" premium innovative brand for exercise machines in Europe. A high standard for features and a constant demand for premium quality and design are the decisive factors in the success of the FINNLO brand.
The success story of HAMMER and FINNLO exercise machines is primarily based on the development of quality products with innovative, in part patented product specifications that allow the brands to keep up with the demands of the German market in particular and the European market in general.

Manufacturers of HAMMER SPORT products are selected worldwide based on quality and cost. We have branch offices and subsidiaries that are responsible for the coordination of development and purchase activities. Employees who work in the branch offices are in close contact with the central headquarters, guaranteeing a supply of goods that meet the necessary standards of quality. Customer service is provided by a well-organized service and product advice center.

HAMMER SPORT's range of product includes about 600 different items in five sports areas. Distribution partners and retailers in over 50 countries around the world are part of our company's customer core. We systematically continue to expand into other countries.

HAMMER SPORT AG customer base includes distribution partners, mail-order companies, department stores, sports equipment purchasing associations, sports retailers, online retailers, bike suppliers and medical suppliers who are important in each area (fitness, MIKASA, boxing and martial arts)

HAMMER Sport AG's story began over 100 years ago:

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Heinrich Hammer


The history of Heinrich Hammer's company started with a move. The inventive genius actually lived in Bad Mergentheim. His arrival in Erbach was marked by a wedding with the daughter of a sawmill owner and the starting signal for his own company.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Neue Ära


The story did not end with the sawmill. The following ad in the "Erbacher Zeitung" dated 10 December reports on a "trailblazing" modernization from Heinrich Hammer: A new era begins: the waterwheel has finally seen its final days, and a traction engine with generator now supplies the Erbach community with electrical power thanks to Heinrich Hammer.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Rodelschlitten


The company man starts producing hay wagons and toboggans as well as tennis rackets and skis made out of solid wood and bent with steam

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Tennisschläger


The inventive manufacturer presents the first glue-laminated skies and tennis rackets.


The Second World War forces production to stop.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Erbacher


After the Second World War the manufacturer became the leading German ski manufacturer with significant innovations under the name "erbacher":

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Profi Marketing


Advanced technology leads to significant market success in skiing and tennis: Hanne Nüßlein, professional tennis world champion, and Gottfried von Cramm play with erbacher Hammer products, the legendary "Spezial-Modell" and "Diplomat" rackets..


Heidi Biebl win gold at Squaw Valley (USA) on "erbacher Grand Prix". Numerous world-class downhill racers such as Vogler and Heckelmiller use erbacher skis to achieve their victory. The company builds the first plastic ski in the world and is the second company world wide to develop and produce Howard Head-style metal skis.


The short ski steps up to the starting line, also an "erbacher" invention, this time in collaboration with Martin Puchtler, a ski instructor from the Fichtelgebirge.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung modernes Design


"erbacher ski-tuning" with the world-renowned CAT series quickly becomes an important part of modern ski production and sets milestones in modern ski design.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung  Neu-Ulm


The birth of Hammer Sport, a 4-person company made up of Günter, the grandson of the founder, his wife Christa Hammer, a sales manager and a clerical assistant. The headquarters are now in Neu-Ulm.

HAMMER SPORT takes over general distribution in Germany of the internationally renowned MIKASA balls (provides equipment for the Olympics, world and European championships).

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Marke Hammer Sport


Hammer Sport GmbH develops a home exercise machine program under the brand HAMMER SPORT. This product program is backed up by intense product care and a variety of innovative ideas that Hammer Sport uses every step of the way to secure and expand on its position as the second largest company on the German market. One such idea is the first stuffable, blown plastic barbells in the world - Hammer Sport's introduction to the world of fitness.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Beginn Cardio


The first cardio machines such as the home exercise machine and stepper complete the product program. Targeted commercial marketing with the logo subline "Fitness with ambience" transform the HAMMER SPORT brand into a leader in the German fitness sector. The "aerobic" fitness trend initiated by Jane Fonda in the USA is introduced to Europe by actress Synde Rome.

HAMMER SPORT develops a special barbel for aerobic fitness, "aerobic weights", exclusively for Sydne Rome.


More innovative product developments follow, such as the patented on-board computer for rowing machines and exercise machines with integrated radio.

Hammer Fitness Geschichte Marke Hammer


HAMMER SPORT is one of the first fitness brands to present exercise machines and acquire new international customers at the ispo in Munich (the most important and largest international trade fair for sports items and sports fashion). Since then HAMMER SPORT AG has been at the fair each year in the "Performance" area with a large representative stand.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Marke Hammer


The brand HAMMER replaces HAMMER SPORT and the logo is modernized

"Club-Line - Power meets Intelligence" series of machines introduced to the market in modern silver/black. The first class-A ergometer available in specialized shops in Germany for under 1000 DM inspires the fitness world. HAMMER SPORT works with the company ELAN to develop the "Woodpecker" series, exercise machines made out of wood.

Hammer Fitness Geschichte Marke Hammer Logo


"Innovative Fitness Design" becomes the subline of the HAMMER logo, emphasizing the company's well-known strength.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Marke Hammer Boxing


The distribution program is expanded to include the HAMMER boxing and martial arts accessories. The full range of products includes 200 different products..


HAMMER develops the first cross-trainer under the name "Elliptical". The cross-trainer begins its victory march through domestic living rooms.


the company become a stock company to keep up with growth and increased market significance.

Introduction of a new, innovative series of strength-training equipment with products such as the "Corner Gym" - a gym concept with space savings of up to 60% - and the "Explorer" ergometer with integrated scale.

Newest technology in mountain bike production. A warp-resistant steel frame made of quality oval pipes with optimal frame geometry further differentiates HAMMER on the cardio machine market.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung TPA


Introduction of the TPA exercise machines. An individual workout plan (TPA = Training Plan Assisted) is created for each HAMMER exercise machine.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Neubau Neu-Ulm


A storage and administration building is built on Von-Liebig Street in Neu-Ulm as a result of the dynamic growth of HAMMER SPORT AG. About 600 different items in five sports areas are warehoused here so that we can supply retailers in over 35 countries around the globe.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Titanium


Laptop design for computer, SDS 3D seat movement and hi-tech aluminum pedals confirm the variety of ideas in the company. The Hammer products in the TITANIUM series are introduced on the market.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Nordic Walking


HAMMER SPORT AG receives a prize for innovation for the patented Nordic walking treadmill - Nordic walking in the comfort of your own home - at the ISPO SUMMER 2004 sports trade fair.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Marke FINNLO


Introduction of the FINNLO premium brand. The machines distinguish themselves through high functionality, great ergonomics and ease of operation.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Tri-Tech Hantel


HAMMER SPORT AG patents the "Tri-tech" barbell" - the barbell that does not roll away.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Bio Force


A strength-training station without weights! The "FINNLO Bio Force" strength-training station excites national and international fitness experts. In addition to the market introduction of the strength-training station with unique TNT resistance technology instead of traditional weight blocks, there are many publications in the most important consumer magazines such as Bunte, Gala, Men's Health, Fit For Fun, GQ, etc., setting new milestones in FINNLO's success story.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Vario Pro


The company introduces the world to the ultimate workout machine for tackling women's problem zones: HAMMER Leg Toner Vario Pro – for abs, legs and buttocks.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Stressless


HAMMER SPORT develops the "stressless easy computer" with easy operability for cross-trainer and bicycle and seated ergometers.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Men's Health Powertools


HAMMER SPORT works with lifestyle magazine Men's Health to develop the Men's Health POWERTOOLS. Top-quality technology, great feel and function.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung FinnSpa


Introduction of the FinnSpa wellness brand. "Experience relaxation" - the subline for the FinnSpa brand describes and represents an exclusive and sophisticated portfolio of wellness and relaxation products. Infrared saunas and relaxing massage chairs ensure ideal relaxation after sport and fitness.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Relaunch Hammer Boxing


Relaunch of the HAMMER BOXING brand at the 2010 ispo. An entirely re-designed portfolio is presented to retailers.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Weiterentwicklung Bio Force


Further development of the successful Bio Force strength-training station. Presentation at the 2011 ispo.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung Hammer Hybrid


Introduction of the HAMMER Hybrid brand. The HAMMER Pedelecs guarantee tons of fun thanks to the combination of high-quality components with sophisticated electrical motors from Bosch. Thanks to economic consumption values and the many other benefits of the e-bikes, more and more customers get excited about mobility for both the young and old.

Finnlo 100 Jahre Erfahrung

2011 - HAMMER SPORT develops online workout plan system for all cardio devices

You can put together a scientifically founded workout plan for every FINNLO and HAMMER cardio machine that is tailored to you and your fitness goals.

Is simply working out any old way not enough for you? is an online workout plan system that takes you by the hand and shows you how to quickly and professionally achieve your workout goals! Whether male or female, old or young, experienced or new, you will have the best possible support for your home cardio workouts!

Plans for the FINNLO and HAMMER exercise machines are already available at and are easy to choose. And also generates workout plans for other home exercise machines that are perfectly suited for your machine and your goals!

With you can get even more out of your home workout!

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