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PERFECT! Training at home

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PERFECT! Training at home

Athletic training is fun and keeps you healthy. The only problem is to keep the training regular. With the demands of modern life, both business and pleasure, fitting in regular fitness training session is difficult to achieve. But with the right home exercise equipment a flexible workout for the entire body is possible at any time! HAMMER and FINNLO by HAMMER offer a wide variety of fitness equipment for home use, with which you can save yourself the trip to the gym. The advantages are obvious:

Exercising at home is ...

Training at home is cheaper

... cheaper:
Today, the sports market is absolutely flooded with discount gyms, some with as low as £15 to £20 a month membership fees. But these offerings suggest a cost savings that do not exist in reality. Monthly contributions add up quickly to a substantial sum and are rarely considered over the entire contract period. In addition, a membership very often ends in a passive membership, because it is often cumbersome to search for a parking slot at the gym after a long day at work. How nice it would be to insert an effective training sequence before dinner, or to bring in the morning with a quick 10 minutes of training in front of a healthy breakfast. Fitness equipment by HAMMER and FINNLO possess an enormous longevity and stability. They save money in the long term because the acquisition costs fall only once, and the entire family, whether large or small, can keep using it for years. Also the cost of petrol or public transport to get to the gym is eradicated. So easy, so flexible.

Training at home is more  flexible

... more flexible:
Surely you have encountered this situation: you come home late from work, the children have to be fed or there are other events that require attention? Since the regular gym visit can quickly become an unwanted burden that is far from the ideal health and relaxation workout. Flexible time management is the biggest argument in favor of fitness equipment for the home. You determine the opening times of your "own" gym: whether at work or while the kids are at school. For the self-employed, fitness equipment is ideal for the home! Take short breaks to train your abdominal and back muscles after long periods behind the desk. Subsequently you'll be substantially more relaxed and focused on your work.

Training at home is more  relaxed

... more relaxed:
A well-known scenario of the gym: You have warmed up (the elliptical machine was, once again, sweaty from a previous user) and now you want to move on to an abdominal workout. Unfortunately, it turns out that all the AB-trainers are occupied. With a piece of HAMMER or FINNLO by HAMMER fitness equipment at home, your favorite gadget is always free and available at any time for you - whenever and however long you want it for! Also, with most gyms, the loud noise of multiple pieces of fitness equipment being used and intrusive music isn't conductive to a relaxing workout. With fitness equipment at home you ensure a pleasant and relaxed training atmosphere that you can customize to your liking. Whether watching your favorite TV show, listening to your favorite music or simply training in concentrated silence - at home your training is as personal as you want it to be.

Training at home is more  effektive

... more effective:
The improved time management afforded by a regular workout will be reflected in the results. The time spent travelling to and from a gym you can now put efficiently into your exercise program. In addition, functional training options such as pulse measurement, fitness grade and data storage enabling relevant, intensive fitness training that is adapted precisely according to your specifications, don't need to be constantly re-entered. Our patented fitness equipment and ergonomically friendly movements have convinced many professional athletes. In addition, you can use our competent personal trainer on with training tips and tricks. To help create not only your entry into fitness training, but can also help with your future fitness plans. We will answer your training questions at any time by phone or e-mail.

Fitness equipment by HAMMER and FINNLO by HAMMER offer many advantages that greatly simplify your daily life:

  • Flexible, independent time management
  • Long-term cost savings
  • Relaxed, self-directed training in a pleasant atmosphere
  • Fitness for the whole family
  • Functional training management by professional technology
  • Professional support through our HAMMER fitness trainer
  • Effective results through more regular training
  • Individually created training plans for fast and reliable results
To finally master the balancing act between work and personal demands on the one hand and your health and fitness goals on the other. Do not leave it to intentions, but start with a professional piece of HAMMER and FINNLO by HAMMER fitness equipment in your home!

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