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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 600

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 600

Strength-training station SKU: 3929

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FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 600 4.9 5 14
  • Multi gym with cable-cross function.
  • Various handholds possible.
  • Effective and compact introductory multi gym.
  • Stable and safe steel pipe frame.
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  • Weight resistance80 kg
  • Build up size190 x 115 x 196 cm
  • Cable pullNo
  • FeaturesCable-cross

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 600

The AUTARK 600 strength-training station is the complete beginner gym from FINNLO and provides everything fitness athletes need! With the AUTARK 600 strength-training station you can do butterfly, latissimus pull and rowing, diverse cable pull variations, crunches and leg stretches. The triceps cable, latissimus rod and straps are included so you have the option of different handles. Another advantage of the straps is that pre-tensing your muscles results in even more effective strength-training. Now you can work your arms chest, shoulders and back in small spaces without having to leave your house.

The 80kg weight block of the AUTARK 600 strength-training station is broken down into 16 five-kilo weight plates and is easy to adjust. The strength-training station further distinguishes itself with its stable steel pipe frame and ball bearing mounted rollers.


Product details:

  • Price-conscious introduction to strength-training
  • 80kg weight block with 16 five-kilo weight plates
  • Exercise options include latissimus pull, butterfly, rowing and leg extensions
  • Cable-cross function
  • Includes tricep cable, latissimus rod and hand straps
  • Ball bearing mounted rollers
  • Steel pipe frame with up to 4mm wall thickness for stability and safety
  • Max. body weight 120kg
  • Dimensions when set up: 184 x 115 x 196cm

We recommend the following accessories:

Item No. 3929 Multi Gym Autark 600

FINNLO Kraftstation Autark 600 Full-body workout with cable-cross function

Muscle build-up, definition, and toning with a compact multi gym. The Autark 600 from FINNLO is a compact multi-station that allows you to intensely work all of the most important muscle groups. Even in tight spaces (space requirements only 220 x 110 x 195 cm) you can easily work your chest, back, shoulder, arm and leg muscles. The cable-cross function, which is typical of the Autark 600, ensures a broad, muscular chest. The high range of movement permitted by this function facilitates very intense muscle stimulation and the effective build-up of a broad, muscular chest.


The following goals can be achieved with the FINNLO Autark 1500:

  • Men: broad, muscular chest
    Women: tightening of the chest
  • Men: broad, muscular V-shape
    Women: strong back
  • Men: strong, defined shoulders
    Women: toned shoulders
  • Men: muscular upper arms
    Women: toning/definition of the arms
  • Men: well-trained, muscular legs
    Women: toning/definition of the legs
  • Men: flat six-pack and defined chest muscles


The FINNLO Autark 600 Multi Gym - intense strength-training High resistance thanks to 80kg of weights
FINNLO Kraftstation Autark 600

With 80kg of resistance in the FINNLO Autark 600 multi gym, even trained bodybuilders get their money's worth. You can easily and quickly adjust the amount of weight being used by re-inserting the pin. This means, for example, that you can quickly change the amount weights for supersets. The 90kg block is broken down into 14 five-kilo weight plates so that you can even finely tune the amount of weight at any time.

Different handhold options
FINNLO Kraftstation Autark 600

Different exercise handholds are included in the scope of delivery for the Autark 600 multi gym that allow you maximum variation and diversity during your workout. A wide latissimus rod, a professional tricep cable, a rotatable curling rod and leg straps that allow for a diversity of muscle building exercises. You can work all your muscle groups with multiple handholds and exercise variations, which clearly optimizes muscle stimulation and the corresponding effect.

Quality Work manship
FINNLO Kraftstation Autark 600

The FINNLO Autark 600 multi gym is made of a stable steel pipe frame and, with a pipe thickness of up to 40mm, provides perfect stability and safety. All cable pull rollers are mounted on ball bearings. This ensures smooth, gliding and almost noiseless sequences of movement.

Special features
  • Cable-cross function: This exercise gives you more variation in your chest workouts. The wide handhold means that you feel the strain in your chest muscles from the start of the movement and that your triceps and biceps are removed from the equation to the greatest extent possible. The cable-cross function helps you define your chest and ideally complements bench press and butterfly exercises.
  • Back pull: The middle part of the back rest can be adjusted horizontally, providing you with the necessary stability for this exercise. The butterfly unit is moved back for this exercise via the quick-adjustment knob. The perfect exercise for a strong and muscular back.
  • Abdominal pull / crunch: There is another cable pull directly behind your head in a seated position. You can use this cable to further work your entire chest musculature. Both straight and oblique ab muscles are optimally worked and developed with crunches. The tricep cable allows for different grip and pull variations. Autark 600 - professional ab workouts for an attractive six-pack!
FINNLO Kraftstation Autark 600

The lat pull to your chest and to the your neck as well as rowing with the cable pull in a standing position further works your back muscles, in particular the latissimus. A wide, ergonomically shaped latissimus rod is available for this purpose. You can ideally work your arm muscles with the rotatable curling rod or by doing tricep presses with the cable pull. Even joint exercises on the Autark 600 lat pull or bench press units are excellent ways to build up impressive arm muscles. You can optimally work your legs with the leg curl unit. You can work your back thigh musculature in a standing position and your front thigh musculature in a seated position. You can get the inner and outer side of the thigh (abductor/adductor exercises) into shape with the foot strap included in the scope of delivery. These exercises are very popular with women who want to counteract cellulite.

FINNLO Autark 600 workout tips:

The FINNLO Autark 600 makes it possible to build up muscle using the high resistance and to perfectly define your body with the flexible grip variations. do a moderate number of repetitions if you want to build up muscles. Choose your weight so that you can cleanly do 8 - 12 repetitions per set. If you want to shape your body and improve your proportions, then you should work in an endurance range. We recommend doing more repetitions (approx. 15 - 25 repetitions) with less weight. If you do not have a lot of time, we recommend alternating between certain muscle groups and their antagonistic, or opposing, muscle groups, such as biceps and triceps. By the antagonist muscles you stretch their opposite muscles, which then gives them a chance to recover. This allows for more consecutive sets. For example, switch from bicep curls to tricep presses on the cable pull. The biceps are relaxed and can recover because the triceps are strained. With the Autark 600, there are no limits to your workout - get fit with the fewest machines and the lowest cost possible. And this in the comfort of your own home.

Conclusion and overview

FINNLO Autark 600 is a comprehensive multi-station with over 30 exercise options and a high weight capacity, making it perfectly suitable even for ambitious bodybuilders. Strength-training with the Autark 600 quickly and effectively builds up muscle, strengthens any weak points such as the back or legs and defines your entire body. With a lot of repetitions and low resistance you burn a lot of calories and fat and quickly increase your endurance. Chest, back, abs, arms, shoulders and legs - all of your important muscle groups can be optimally worked with the Autark 600 from FINNLO. The scope of delivery includes numerous professional studio-quality accessories: a wide latissimus rod, cable-gross handholds, a tricep cable and a rotatable curling bar. Despite the many exercise options, the design of the FINNLO Autark 600 means you will save a lot of space. With dimensions when set up of just 196 x 110 x 198cm (L x W x H), the multi gym fits perfectly in small apartments.

The most important product information:
  • Resistance system: weight plates (16 five-kilo weight plates)
  • 80kg resistance/li>
  • cable-cross function with rotatable handles for intense chest workouts
  • Butterfly/bench press unit that can be folded back facilitates professional back pull.
  • Studio-quality accessories: wide latissimus rod, rotatable curling rod, cable-cross handles, tricep cable for arm and six-pack workouts
  • Two-piece back cushion
  • Comfortable height-adjustable seat
  • Adjustable footplate for standing and seated exercises
  • Ball bearing mounted cable pull rollers for smooth sequence of movement
  • Full metal cladding
  • Exercises: Butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, leg curl, arm curl, rowing, tricep press/pull, cable cross, crunches, back pull and many more.
  • Dimensions when set up (L x W x H): 196 x 110 x 198 cm
  • Space requirements (L x W x H): 220 x 110 x 195 cm
  • Max. permissible body weight: 120 kg
  • Colour: anthracite/black

Additional Information

Features / Additional Equipment Cable-cross function (hand straps)
Ball bearing mounted pulleys
Steel pipe frame
Weight block 80 kg (15 plates each 5 kg)
Max. resistance 80 kg
Upgradable with additional weights No
Seat adjustable yes
Bench press Yes
Butterfly Yes
Biceps curl Yes
Triceps Yes
Rowing Yes
Reversed leg raises Yes
Leg curl Yes
Abdominal Yes
Back pull Yes
Neck press No
Lat pull Yes
Sidewise tensile No
Leg press No
Training possibilities Butterfly, bench press, latissimus pull, leg curl, arm curl, rowing, tricep press/pull, leg extension, ab exercises
Weight 173 Kg
Max. body weight 120 kg
Build up size (L x W x H) 190 x 115 x 196 cm
Delivery time 14-21 workdays
Delivery Information Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)
Warranty extension for FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 600


The manufacturer's warranty for FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 600

Usage Warranty Warranty on main frame
Private use48 months-


  • Free delivery to most of Mainland UK
  • Your order will be delivered immediately after we received your payment
  • The delivery takes 14-21 workdays
  • Curbside delivery (please put your telephone number in the order so that we can arrange a suitable delivery time)
  • Delivery directly from the manufacturer
  • Return for free

Complaints & Service

The return is free! In case of a return, we ask you to contact us previously by mail or phone so we can arrange the pick up for you.

In case you have any trouble with our equipement feel free to contact us. We will take care of it immediately.

  • Butterfly
  • bench press
  • latissimus pull
  • leg curl
  • arm curl
  • rowing
  • tricep press/pull
  • leg extension
  • ab exercises

Customer reviews for this product

FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 600 Customer reviews: 14 Average rating: 4.9 of 5.0 stars

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great product for a great price

starting with the competent advice I was given in the Munich shop, where we tested the machine for the first time, we were more than convinced. we ordered the autark 600 on the internet straight away and assembled it as soon as it had arrived one week later. the instruction manual was perfect: the screws are wrapped individually for each step and each bag has a number, so there were no problems. it is exactly what we were looking for, one can do one's workout properly, the pulleys run smoothly and the possibilities for an all-round workout are totally adequate - we also like using the neck rope for sit-ups. we can definitely recommend the machine and the service, everything went perfectly :)
I would order again!

von es am 07/01/2015
Very satisfied GREAT GREAT GREAT

Fast delivery
Very good customer service
Fantastic product

von BadSheep am 27/11/2014
High-quality workout equipment

About a week after I ordered it the Finnlo Autark 600 was delivered by a shipping company after scheduling a time and date. It is possible for one person to manage the assembly alone, but one needs to plan in a couple of evenings (about 8-10 hours). However, a great deal of time is spent on unwrapping the bits, as nearly all of the many parts are thoroughly wrapped. This means that a lot of time is first spent on getting rid of the packaging material, sorting out the parts and checking off the parts list. Okay - everything there.
Once you're done with this the assembly is easy: everything is labelled well and described, and thanks to the high-quality workmanship everything fits precisely and can be put together without major difficulties. However, one should put away the wrench provided with the delivery and use one's own socket wrench set plus a ring spanner for counter-spanning. But I suppose I ordered sporting equipment and not a toolbox.
Then I tried it out: The machine does exactly what I expected it to: All of the described exercises are easy to do and you soon notice that you have a definite above-average machine for home use. The product video on this page delivers what it promises.
Bottom line: Great stuff!

von HB67 am 13/10/2014
show all
Great strength-training station

I would like to say that I am totally satisfied with the strength-training station Autark 600 - what a great piece of equipment!
The dispatch and delivery worked really well … it takes a little time to assemble the strength-training station oneself, but it's easy to master with the manual …
I can definitely recommend this strength-training station for use at home.

von walro am 22/09/2014
I love it!!!!

After reading the customer reviews and then deciding to order this machine, I was very curious as to what to expect,
I had been a gym member for many years and always had difficulty finding the time to go there because something always came up, now I can work out whenever I want to, in a much more comfortable environment and not in a smelly gym, I'm really happy ......
the machine really delivers what it promises; even my husband says so, and at first he argued with me and said that these things are never really any good, .......
as many people have written, the assembly takes quite some time, but it's really well explained and very easy to do, I'm very pleased with my Hammer equipment ......... thank you

von Andrea am 11/08/2014
Simply fantastic

We assembled the machine ourselves. The instructions were detailed and easy to understand! The machine looks great and we're excited to see whether it also delivers. But I'm optimistic about it! I can definitely recommend it!

von Kuni am 25/06/2014
I am completely satisfied!

I would like to say that I am totally satisfied with the strength-training station Autark 600 - what a great piece of equipment!
The dispatch and delivery worked really well … it takes a little time to assemble the strength-training station oneself, but it's easy to master with the manual …
I am completely satisfied with it!

von D.A. am 27/05/2014
I’m absolutely thrilled

I purchased the Autark 600 and the Design Line incline bench and am absolutely ecstatic.
My compliments to the packaging artists; this is how I expect a parcel to be packaged.
All that's missing now is a Finnlo app for my iPad where I can choose my exercises and save my progress.

von Nostromo Nostromo am 18/02/2014
Great training of all muscles

As a total beginner I am completely satisfied.
The workout options are very comprehensive and the assembly really was child's play.
I think I will benefit from this purchase for a long time.

von 12345 am 11/02/2014
Fast delivery, easy assembly, great machine

The machine was delivered by a shipping company within one week after scheduling a date. It's really very easy to assemble. The manual/assembly instructions are easy to read and understand. What's great is that each screw pack is labelled with the number of the assembly step in the manual, so there's no way you can make a mistake. The workout options are very extensive and lots of fun to do on the machine!

von MF am 09/01/2014
Fast delivery, easy assembly.

The machine was delivered by a shipping company within one week. I already enjoyed putting it together. All individual parts are wrapped and labelled very well. There is a separate screw pack for each step, so nothing can go wrong! However, one should use proper tools for the assembly. The spanners provided with the delivery are a nice gesture, but not really usable. After completing the first workout sessions I can conclude that I made the right choice. I'm very happy and would buy here again.

von rehmus am 20/12/2013
Finnlo AUTARK 600

Very good piece of equipment with many workout options.

von micha am 27/11/2013
Finnlo Autark 600

A successful purchase for me. The machine was delivered sooner than expected and everything was great.

von Öyvind am 27/11/2013
From the order to the assembly to the workout - everything was fantastic

The machine was delivered to our house very quickly and without problems. The assembly was lots of fun and easy to do thanks to the exact description and the good packaging.  The choice of machine was made easy thanks to a video presentation.

von muki am 27/09/2013

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