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Indoor bicycle or fitness bike

Nowadays, classes for indoor cycling are offered in just about every fitness studio around the world. Exercising on an indoor bike or fitness bike is a lot of fun. Loud music, dynamic movement and motivation from the trainer spur course participants on to their absolute maximum performances. There is, after all, a reason why this type of machine has also moved into private homes in recent years. Even if there is no trainer, the dynamics of this strength endurance training at home are on par with training in professional fitness studios. The simplicity of indoor cycle technology and the great centrifugal mass are part of the appeal of these machines. Exercising on an indoor bike orfitness bike also comes very close to training on a racing bike. In contrast to home exercise machines and ergometers, an indoor bike does not have a free wheel.

Things you should keep in mind when buying an indoor cycle or indoor bike:

When you buy an indoor bike, the individual components of the machine make a difference.

The brake system:

The technology used in an indoor bike is similar to that of a classic bicycle. Braking occurs via two felt pads that are pressed against the flywheel from above or from the side. You can set the strength used to press the felt pads against the flywheel using a rheostat. An emergency stop level is very important because indoor cycles or fitness bikes do not have a free wheel. This means that you can even brake an indoor cycle's flywheel at high speeds.

The power unit:

There are simple beginner indoor bike models with chain drives and higher quality models with Poly-V belts. The power unit for an indoor cycle with belts has the clear benefit that you can exercise almost noiselessly. Poly-V belts do not require maintenance and - in contrast to chain drives - do not need to be greased. The FINNLO Speedbike CRS and the FINNLO Speedbike CRT are equipped with a high-quality Poly-V belt.

The centrifugal mass:

The centrifugal mass of an indoor bike is one of the crucial criteria. The greater the centrifugal mass, the more even the rotation with higher rotation frequencies. The centrifugal mass of an indoor cycle should be at least 18-20kg. FINNLO by HAMMER indoor bikes such as the FINNLO Speedbike CRS and FINNLO Speedbike CRT have a 25kg centrifugal mass, which guarantees particularly smooth operation.

Handlebar and seat adjustments:

Flexible adjustment options for the seat and handlebar are typical of an indoor cycle or fitness bike. Similar to road bikes, the goal is for each individual to experience ergonomically healthy exercise on indoor bikes. Seat and handlebar adjustments make it possible to adapt the speed bike to individual body size and leg length. Handlebars for indoor bikes should be covered with a high-quality and sweat-proof foam material. The hands should not be able to slip off of the handlebar, even during longer training sequences. There should be different hand positions on anindoor cycle so that you can comfortably exercise in both an athletic "race position" and an upright position. The handlebar on the FINNLO Speedbike CRT can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. A real benefit in terms ergonomics: FINNLO by HAMMER only uses premium brand seats from Selle Royal. They guarantee an ideal sitting position without rubbing or chafing on long "rides".

The training computer:

The training computers used in an indoor bike are purposefully kept simple yet still provide all the important computer data needed to exercise on an indoor cycle. Fitness programs with automatic resistance adjustment are completely avoided in a real indoor cycle or one similar to those in fitness studios. Many indoor cycles or fitness bikes available on the market with automatic resistance adjustment (fitness programs) not utilize the original technology also used in fitness studios around the globe. An original indoor cycle primarily distinguishes itself through simple yet high-quality components, great centrifugal mass, and simple computer technology.

Heart rate measurement:

We also generally recommend using a chest strap when exercising on indoor bikes. The wireless transmission of training data is also the best method for safely measuring your heart rate on an indoor cycle. Often one can overload, in particular in a heart rate training session typical of indoor cycling. With a chest strap, you are always on the safe side.

Indoor cycle expert telephone service line

Give us a call and let us help you choose your indoor cycle or fitness bike. We will give you all the advice you need. Our fitness trainers and product advisors are very familiar with indoor cycles and fitness bikes. Many of the fitness trainers we employ also lead studio courses and know which machine is best for you. Our service team is looking forward to your call.

Our indoor cycle recommendation up to £ 499

The FINNLO speed bike is a stable beginner model with chain drive. A classic indoor cycle, including training computer and 18 kg centrifugal mass. A safety free wheel has been installed in this fitness bike for safety reasons.

Our indoor cycle recommendation up to £ 999

Are you looking for a sporty and stylish variation of the FINNLO Indoor Cycle model series? Then the FINNLO Speedbike CRS fitness bike is just the right training partner for you. 25kg centrifugal mass for excellent rotation, completely chrome-plated flywheel, quality felt brake pads and a clearly arranged training computer used to read all important training data ensure you have fun while exercising.

Our indoor cycle recommendation up to £ 1499

The indoor cycle or fitness bike premium model from the FINNLO by HAMMER brand, the Speedbike CRT offers everything that a studio machine requires: horizontally and vertically adjustable handlebar, 25kg centrifugal mass, and click pedals for professional race bike training. Professional triathletes Celia Kuch and Max Longree use this premium product when training for their competitions and swear by its effectiveness.

Indoor Cycle / Speedbike


Indoor Cycle / Speedbike

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