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Flat belly

Flat belly

Flat belly

A flat stomach is the modern day idea of beauty. Both men and women push for a slim silhouette following a flat stomach or six pack abs; you can read extensively about fitness, dynamics and body awareness. In this day and age, where the number of obese people is steadily increasing, a flat stomach is sure to turn all heads at the beach.

How to get a flat stomach?

Many fitness counselors solely recommend an intensive training of the abdominal muscles, but often forget the much more important part- a healthy, moderate diet and a regular full body, high calorie-burn workout is the key to success. If you train only the abdominal muscles, abs are visible only if one is already very slim by nature. In people with a slightly larger waist circumference, the abdominal wall bulges even further outwards due to the strengthened muscles beneath. Many calories are not burned by sole abdominal training; this is because the muscles are too small.

When the belly is still covered with a layer of fat - and this is the normal case, because stored fat is important for body energy reserves when times less food is available- we recommend a fat burning training. The congregation: The most beautiful abs you see are only from a body fat percentage of 15% or less. Therefore, to get a flat stomach it is vital to lose excess fat. The body only uses its fat storage when it needs to, this happens when you take a day less calories than you consume. This "negative energy balance" can be reached by both eating less and exercising more.

Trained abs not only look good, they also improve your posture.

Abdominal muscles are core muscles that stabilize the spine and back. In particular, the transverse abdominal muscle is responsible for a flat stomach. It forms the deepest layer of all abdominal muscles and forms the waist together with the obliques. This cooperates with the other abdominal muscles at the erection of the pelvis. In the second step of your tummy plan it is advisable to perform abdominal training that addresses all of the abdominal muscles equally.

How do I train for a flat stomach?

You can engage or perform exercises without equipment at home which targets the abdominal area. Another way to train for your flat stomach is through the use of Abs trainers. Abs trainers have the advantage in which they allow the trainee the optimum movement and protect against improper loading. In general you should support the upper body while lying down and add leg lifting devices (imitating the leg raises) to distinguish between belly scooters. With two types of abdominal training techniques, your mid section will be trained effectively achieving straight and lateral abdominal muscles in no time!

When using abdominal exercises without equipment we recommend crunches (rolling up of the upper body while lying down) with forearm support and lateral hull.

Important: You can complete your Tummy training always with endurance training, as on an elliptical machine. The cardio on the elliptical machine will not only consume a lot of calories; the upright posture while training will stress the abdominal muscles. With regular exercise, you can reach your goal flat stomach or six packs fast and keep it long-term, which is more effective than any short intense training phase or diet.

The following units provide optimum ways to get a flat stomach to train:

HAMMER AB-Sensation Abdominal Trainer

Personal training tip: Execute the crunches very slow and try to pull your bellybutton in direction of your spine. So your muscles will be tightened but will not get to massy. Attention: Keep your head straight and look upwards!

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HAMMER AB-Roller Abdominal Trainer

Personal training tip: Exercise with few repetitions only, but very slow. So the inner abdominal wall will be coupled with the muscles making your stomach more flat.

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FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Loxon

Training Tip: Build multi-joint exercises into your weight training program that user the entire body (e.g. lunges with front raise). The entire musculature is trained, burning many calories and helping to define your silhouette.

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