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Infrared sauna - beneficial effect through healthy sweating

A hectic day can demonstrably result in many mental and physical problems. This makes it all the more important to regularly give yourself downtime and to do something good for your body. Because a wellness vacation is generally not something you can take spontaneously, it makes sense to take advantage of the beneficial effects of an infrared sauna when you body screams for relaxation. Such a sauna facilitates healthy sweating with moderate heat, which stimulates both your metabolism and circulation. Infrared rays can undo painful tension.

Stay healthy, regenerate, purify and completely relax - infrared sauna from FinnSpa - the perfect wellness oasis at home.

The regenerative and purifying effect of infrared heat has been proven in scientific studies. This means that even chronic pains, tiredness and depression can be alleviated by infrared heat, and even the development of everyday illnesses such as diabetes and heart problems can be positively impacted. Staying in the infrared sauna for just 20-30 minutes strengthens your immune system, detoxifies your body, and very effectively relaxes through the combination of heat, light and aroma.

The infrared sauna from FinnSpa is available in cedar or hemlock wood, each of which has its own different characteristics. With an infrared sauna you can boost your general wellbeing and release tension. Take a closer look at our FinnSpa infrared sauna Laseno II in hemlock or the FinnSpa infrared sauna Corneno IV in cedar!

The alternative to hot saunas - infrared saunas from FinnSpa

The rotatable touchscreen display in the infrared sauna from FinnSpa is unique. You can listen to your favorite music or watch a film while you sit in the sauna. The use of aroma adds to your complete relaxation, as does the integrated 6x color light therapy. Both add to your overall sense of wellbeing. The small, compact and space-saving infrared saunas can be set up just about anywhere, as they do not require a lot of electricity. Furthermore, the short lead time saves not only time, but also money and electricity. The low temperature and the digital control option you can use to set your target heat also make it possible for older individuals and children to use a FinnSpa infrared sauna.

Test out infrared saunas

You can test out our various models in our HAMMER SPORT AG Factory Outlets. Step in and experience the scent of untreated cedar wood, which has a strong and unique note. Our competent on-site personnel also give you the tips you need to set up and use the infrared sauna so you can fully enjoy relaxing at home.

Infrared sauna


Infrared sauna

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