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Slim legs

Slim legs

Slim legs

An attractive body always has slender legs, especially for women. Not too thick nor too thin they should be; easily defined and taut but not too muscular.

If toned and slender legs are what you’re looking for, you should first pay attention to your body fat percentage. Depending on your age, normal body fat percentage for women is between 25 and 30 percent. If it is higher, it should be reduced through sensible nutrition and regular sports activities.

Not only for reasons of vanity, but also maintaining good health.

In addition to selectively reduced calorie dieting, sports and exercise plays an essential role in acquiring slender legs. Targeted leg training will kill two birds with one stone: On the one hand, the leg muscles will be strengthened and streamlined, on the other hand this exercise trains the lower extremities and in particular burns more calories. Two thirds of the total body musculature sits in the legs and buttocks. If these muscles are trained for example, when running or jumping – calories will tumble. Legs look defined and remain long and slim.

Targeted leg training is possible not only on the Treadmill, but also when using a leg-press on a Multi-Gym; slender legs can be formed. The disadvantage for women here is that strength training muscle bulk is low. Women grow muscle mass relatively slow.

Using an Elliptical Machine is well advised if you want to have slender legs. The movements are gentle on the joints and it is extremely effective against excess fat. Also Cycling is ideal as a sport for slender legs and simultaneously strengthens the gluts. If you are not into the cold, wet and windy weather, the an Exercise Bike is the perfect training partner.

Punctual dieting to a specific region of the body, without affecting other body parts is virtually impossible. If you want to have leaner legs, you should work on your entire body.

Women with saddlebags or a powerful figure (which is hereditary) have more difficulty achieving slim legs and a sculptured figure. Nevertheless sport offers the most effective way to work on your appearance and thereby improve your body shape and self-confidence.

The following units provide optimum ways to slim legs to train:

FINNLO by HAMMER Exercise Bike Varon XTR

Training Tip: Exercise an even stance. The alternating load of each muscle group will form legs evenly and burn extra calories.

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FINNLO by HAMMER Treadmill Alpine

Training Tip: Avoid running at a slope of 0%. Instead imitate an intensive mountain climb (10% gradient). Large, outreached steps form the legs and buttocks.

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FINNLO by HAMMER Elliptical Cross Trainer Ergometer Loxon XTR

Training Tip: Keeping yourself steady using the stationary handles, repeatedly lower your butt backwards for a few minutes. This loads the other areas of the leg muscles, burning more calories and toning the legs.

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FINNLO by HAMMER Indoor Cycle Speedbike CRT

Training Tip: Endurance training and therefore calorie burning at its finest! Spice up your workout on the bike with uphill rides (standing and leaning forward to alter your center of gravity) and downhill rides (focus behind the seat). This specifically trains the hamstrings and the buttocks.

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