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Strong arms

Strong arms

Strong arms

For visually impressive upper arms, the main attention should be paid to the triceps. Even though the common belief is that big biceps make for impressive arms.

This is achieved only through a massive triceps. The triceps alone makes up for two thirds of the mass / size of the upper arm, the much smaller biceps the other third.

The biceps brachii muscle (two-headed upper arm muscle) is responsible for the flexion of the arm at the elbow joint. It also activates the hand outer rotation (thumb is turned inside out by the hand, palm facing upwards).

The triceps brachii muscle (three-headed upper arm muscle) is responsible for the extension of the arm at the elbow joint. In general, the stronger the triceps muscle, the stronger the arm.

Philosophy of arms

The human strength lies symbolically in the arms, we see it as both old and new heroes show off their imposing arms to intimidate their opponents. Our arms can do more than just look good. They keep away from us that we do not want. Allow us to get what we want. They keep at a distance that could harm us, and embrace all that is so dear to us.


1. Training
You should exercise your arms less than the other large muscles of the body, otherwise they will be over trained quickly and this will limit the amount of improvement to be had. So at 3 workouts per week, you should include arm workouts once. This one unit should be carried out with proper motivation and strong grip.

2. Nutrition and rest
Your arms grow in your sleep just like any other muscle so the nutrient supply needs to be taken into account. Before going to bed taking a casein protein (slowly digestible protein; for example, in low-fat quark) is ideal to support the regeneration of the muscle during the night.

Training Examples

1. Muscle Mass building (for example Curl Bar)

  • Biceps exercise: 3 sets of 8-10 reps Barbell
  • Triceps: 4 sets of 8-10 reps overhead triceps extensions
  • 2. Definition (for example, with the 15 kg Short Barbell Set )

    • Biceps exercise: 3 sets of 20-25 reps dumbbell curls
    • Triceps: 4 sets of 20-25 reps kickbacks

    The rate and training weight varies according to your power level.

    The difference between the two forms of training is in the number of repetitions. Low reps are for muscle building, high are for the definition and endurance training.

    The following products provide optimum opportunities to gain strong arms and an impressive chest:

    FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Autark 2200

    Training Tip: Bicep curls + triceps - Attach the cable trains just above the ground and, in the lunge position, perform torso bicep curls. Make sure that you bring your hands down next to your hips when lowering yourself so as to shape the triceps as well.

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    FINNLO by HAMMER Multi Gym Bio Force

    Training Tip: Build multi-joint exercises into your weight training program that user the entire body (e.g. lunges with front raise). The entire musculature is trained, burning many calories and helping to define your silhouette. More tips can be read in PDF here!

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